Take a look at the tourism trends in one of the most happening holiday destinations in the world – Brazil! Also, learn how data visualizations and analytics help businesses improve decision-making and customer experience.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have shattered previous records. Cyber Monday reigns supreme. And retail analytics and visualization tools have helped bring Christmas early yet again!

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In today’s digital age, big data and analytics are of paramount importance in driving business transformation. As data continues to evolve in terms of type and velocity, big data initiatives will become all the more challenging. In this scenario, early adoption of advanced analytics solutions will help enterprises derive more accurate recommendations and thereby stay ahead of the competition.

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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin Just as the eyes act as the mirror to the soul of a person, education reflects the state of a nation’s status and a person’s skills to thrive in the world of competition. For an educator or a teacher, nothing appeases more than their students scoring good grades, getting a job, and staying focused on their subjects for a longer time. The management of colleges and universities are always in a ceaseless look out…Continue Reading “Analytics is Driving Student Enrollment, Retention, and Placement”