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Understanding the Role of Data Analytics and Data Science in Sales - Guest Post by Shikhar Srivastava

For years sales and marketing teams around the world have failed to understand the importance of having a data scientist in their ranks. There are several reasons for that but perhaps the most significant one is a failure to recognize and embrace the difference between data analytics and data science.

BRIDGEi2i Internet of Things (IoT) solution

We, the BRIDGEi2i Marketing Team, pack in a lot every month; Campaigns, Thought leadership, SMM, AR/PR, well…you know…the works. Somewhere in the midst of all this B2B marketing, a crazy idea strikes: “What if BRIDGEi2i’s solutions were reimagined as movie or TV series titles?” Cool right? We being who we are, decide to act on it and create…Continue Reading “Analytics Solutions as Movie Titles – Posters”

BRIDGEi2i moves to a Swanky New Office Facility

BRIDGEi2i has grown significantly over the last 5 years. Today we service 25+ customers globally with a team of 150+ people, offices in Bangalore and US and have recently secured a series A growth capital infusion from Edelweiss Private Equity. Our Dreams & Goals have gotten bigger…So has our office. Here is what it looks like!

Made In India Stamp

Representing BRIDGEi2i at the Startup India event hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, CEO Prithvijit Roy observed that the Indian Startup scene is no more about capitalizing on emerging trends, but also about solving key problems in the market through the use of data, technology, and process engineering. The intersection of these three key areas presents a huge opportunity for Indian analytics companies to demonstrate value.

More Power to Women in Analytics

With a strategic shift towards knowledge driven businesses over the last decade, India has seen a huge surge in women opting for a career in analytics. We are also witnessing a steady rise in the number of women rising to leadership positions in analytics roles. With evolution in societal norms and a mindset change driven by forward-thinking organizations, women today are making a global impact both as employees and entrepreneurs.

Impact of IoT on Semiconductor Industry

IoT technology is in its formative years, but it provides a canvas for multiple technology sub-sectors to innovate. Semiconductor will be one of the most impacted industry in multiple ways. In this blog, we have evaluated the opportunities and challenges for the semiconductor industry in the IoT space.

How to Leverage Digital Data to Manage Customer Experience in Hospitality Industry

Customer experience is one of the most significant factor in hospitality that differentiates one from the rest.

It does not matter whether one is travelling on a business trip or a leisure trip with family and friends, they always expect to have the best class experience during their trip. Earlier, managing customer experience was easy as they tracked only bookings data and reviews from travellers in a feedback form while checking out to improve their performance.