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Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have shattered previous records. Cyber Monday reigns supreme. And retail analytics and visualization tools have helped bring Christmas early yet again!

Understanding the Role of Data Analytics and Data Science in Sales - Guest Post by Shikhar Srivastava

For years sales and marketing teams around the world have failed to understand the importance of having a data scientist in their ranks. There are several reasons for that but perhaps the most significant one is a failure to recognize and embrace the difference between data analytics and data science.

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The digital era has drastically changed the way we make transactions. The retail industry is undergoing rapid digitization wherein more physical stores are introducing their online sales platforms. With e-retailers like Amazon realizing enormous profits and seeing continual expansion, a large number of brick-and-mortar stores worldwide are working towards upping their digital game and implementing…Continue Reading “Technological Innovations Driving the Retail Industry”

hotel industry

The hospitality industry caters to millions of people worldwide. It is the largest industry in the world, generating colossal revenue figures every year. According to reports, the industry will reach a value of more than $4 trillion in 2016. The success of this industry hinges on one thing only. No points for guessing, though. It’s…Continue Reading “Analytics: Improving Customer Retention in the Hospitality Industry”

Want to roll a dice? I’m sure you would love to roll. Let’s accept it, we all have been enticed at least once by the very thought of rolling the dice in a plush casino even though we are not sure whether we will go with our hands full. From the scintillating lights of Las…Continue Reading “Rolling the Dice with Analytics!”

How to Leverage Digital Data to Manage Customer Experience in Hospitality Industry

Customer experience is one of the most significant factor in hospitality that differentiates one from the rest.

It does not matter whether one is travelling on a business trip or a leisure trip with family and friends, they always expect to have the best class experience during their trip. Earlier, managing customer experience was easy as they tracked only bookings data and reviews from travellers in a feedback form while checking out to improve their performance.

Why use a Recommendation Engine?

A Recommendation Engine plays a vital role in increasing the chances of a user buying a product. In today’s world, with tons of data from searched products available (thanks to the digital data explosion), it is very easy to find what people are likely to buy – just by looking at their ‘intent’ data. Needless to say, right analysis of such BIG data is absolutely necessary. This is where the Recommendation Engine comes into the picture.