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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin Just as the eyes act as the mirror to the soul of a person, education reflects the state of a nation’s status and a person’s skills to thrive in the world of competition. For an educator or a teacher, nothing appeases more than their…Continue Reading “Analytics is Driving Student Enrollment, Retention, and Placement”

Tableau Thursdays – The Pipe has been ended. Er, what?

A US-based client in the education industry wanted to analyze its learning centres across the USA and improve overall occupancy rates by optimizing number of centres, and increasing conversion rates and retention among high value customers. As part of our investigations, we did Attrition Modelling, Centre Segmentation and Trade Area analysis and Customer Value and Best Customer analysis.

All in a Day’s Work for BRIDGEi2i Analytics

With all the buzz going around about Big Data and Analytics, you might think Analytics is just an escoteric buzzword used only by CXOs to improve their revenues or manage their costs. THINK AGAIN!

Analytics is much more that. Imagine a day, any day. 24 hours. What do you think can Analytics accomplish in 24 hours? From a game of golf in the morning, dropping off children to school, a quick visit to the bank, planning the anniversary gift or thinking about retirement, each day could have myriad problems and decisions for each of us.

How to become the “Iron Man” of Analytics

The market is up, the work that needs to be done is huge, and the talent pool that the analytics industry demands is vast. It is clear that if humanity has seen, it has only been by standing on the shoulders of giants – heroes, who have single-handedly catapulted our species into the future. With the democratization of analytics that technology has brought in the recent decades, our contention is that each and every one of us can and must now be a hero.

Infographic: India – The Hotbed of Analytics Talent

According to multiple reports, India is making strides as a preferred destination for analytics compared to other Asian countries like the Philippines and China, primarily due its talented workforce. A report by Jigsaw Academy and Analytics India Magazine suggests that India’s analytics talent pool is seeing growing demand because owing to their process expertise and English language proficiency (Source: Economic Times).

This INFOGRAPHIC will show you how India is poised to become the hotbed of cutting edge analytics talent.

Investment in Knowledge Pays The Best Interest

“Education is most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

War, Weapon, Pain, Death, Attack, Mishap – These words would turn up if I do a word cloud of what I read in the newspaper. But before a few days, I read a completely different article which put a smile on my face. Kottayam, one of the fourteen districts of Kerala celebrated its silver jubilee of achieving 100% literacy rate. In the world, where one among the four is not able to read, particular district in a developing countrywas able to stand out and put a triple digit figure against its name before twenty five years.

Big Data can bring big changes in Education Sector

This is the story of two friends, Jim and Julie – both 14, who are keen to master the English vocabulary.  Jim goes to a tutor, gets a word-list of about 20 words a day, memorizes them, takes a weekly quiz and then repeats the whole process the next week.  His friend, Julie on the other hand, searches the worldwide web for a suitable tool and starts using an online solution.  This knowledge portal tracks her progress, provides her timely feedback, additional resources as required and tailors her assignments based on her individual progress.  Upon completing the module, a detailed outcome is sent to her teacher including reading time, vocabulary knowledge, reading comprehension, and use of supplemental electronic resources. 

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How Analytics can Define the Future of Education Industry

Education continues to play an important role in any country’s overall growth. The education market has become more challenging due to the rapid growth and evolution in the modes of imparting education; schools, colleges, private tuition, online education courses, distance education, test preparations, professional trainings etc. This blog outlines the role of analytics in shaping the future of the education industry

Let’s Play – Social Networks for Learning and Knowledge Management

School and collegiate education today has changed a whole deal.  It has seen a sea change from the pure chalk & talk method to ‘Role Play’, to ‘SMART classrooms’ to ‘Outbound & Experiential Learning. But well, has the Indian corporate sector changed its method and delivery of organization wide Knowledge Management programs?   I would think…Continue Reading “Let’s Play – Social Networks for Learning and Knowledge Management”

Are we ‘Analytics’ trained?

By Debleena Roy A decade back, Analytics was relatively unheard of except in corridors of companies such as GE or American Express which literally founded the entire industry in India. Since Analytics was still an esoteric subject back then, these companies and others following in their footsteps recruited post graduates and occasional PhDs who had…Continue Reading “Are we ‘Analytics’ trained?”