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BRIDGEi2i’s ”Vizards” have put together a detailed Tableau Visualization that provides a detailed overview of all Olympics events in succession starting from 1896 till 2008 including medal information about the independent teams. Additionally, the visualization provides a deep dive into the total medals won by a country with the break-up of gold, silver and bronze medals, by sport. Click on the specific year and know how many medals your favorite country received and land upon some interesting facts about the host city for that particular year.

BRIDGEi2i Internet of Things (IoT) solution

We, the BRIDGEi2i Marketing Team, pack in a lot every month; Campaigns, Thought leadership, SMM, AR/PR, well…you know…the works. Somewhere in the midst of all this B2B marketing, a crazy idea strikes: “What if BRIDGEi2i’s solutions were reimagined as movie or TV series titles?” Cool right? We being who we are, decide to act on it and create…Continue Reading “Analytics Solutions as Movie Titles – Posters”

INFOGRAPHIC – The Impact of Customer Experience

The advent of ‘big data’ has completely changed the way businesses can harness the information about customers to make powerful business decisions. Data could be of any type – campaign information, customer demographics, individual transaction behavior, interactions on social networks, web usage, or satisfaction surveys etc. In this infographic, we highlight the impact of customer experience on business outcomes and BRIDGEi2i’s customer intelligence solutions.

Programmatically creating MS Office-compatible charts
Content Marketing in the Age of Google Analytics

Consider this scenario: As a Digital Marketing Manager, you are assigned a budget for the quarter and pull upon multiple resources within the firm to churn out attractive infographics, well defined guides, promising whitepapers and compelling blog posts back to back; you then share them across social media channels, paid and otherwise, and sit back waiting for the leads to flow in – a job well done right? Absolutely not!

Tableau Visualization – Men’s Grand Slam Champions

Tennis is played by millions of recreational players and is also a popular worldwide spectator sport. The four Grand Slam tournaments (also referred to as the “Majors”) are especially popular: the Australian Open played on hard courts, the French Open played on red clay courts, Wimbledon played on grass courts, and the US Open played also on hard courts. (Source: Wikipedia)

In this visualization we showcase the Grand Slam careers of Tennis champions across the ages.

The Troubles of UBER visualized