retail industry

Most people today have the power to keep abreast of current market trends and emerging technologies, thanks to the Internet. The ubiquity of connected devices, constantly evolving technological landscape, and growing per capita income are some of the factors due to which the expectations of the average consumer have risen greatly. B2C companies are, therefore,…Continue Reading “Big Data Analytics and Retail – What Does the Future Have in Store?”

Impact of IoT on Semiconductor Industry

IoT technology is in its formative years, but it provides a canvas for multiple technology sub-sectors to innovate. Semiconductor will be one of the most impacted industry in multiple ways. In this blog, we have evaluated the opportunities and challenges for the semiconductor industry in the IoT space.

THE NET – The future of data is Wearables

With wearable technology, learning more about yourself has not only become high tech but also real time. From devices and apps that help you track heart rate and food consumption patterns to gadgets that monitor your mood and even surrounding air quality.