Ínternational Womens Day

Take a look at the tourism trends in one of the most happening holiday destinations in the world – Brazil! Also, learn how data visualizations and analytics help businesses improve decision-making and customer experience.

Acing Pokemon Go with Tableau Visualization - BRIDGEi2i Vizards

BRIDGEi2i has developed a Pokémon Dashboard, which encourages you to Keep Calm and Go Catch’em All. The dashboard allows you to choose the best Pokémon based on a combination of two critical abilities. Whether you want the perfect mix of speed and attack or the best of weight and defense, the dashboard will ensure that you choose the most appropriate Pokémon. You can select the type of Pokémon, be it Fire or Fairy, and then single out a specific Pokémon with respect to two parameters of your choosing.

Understanding the Role of Data Analytics and Data Science in Sales - Guest Post by Shikhar Srivastava

For years sales and marketing teams around the world have failed to understand the importance of having a data scientist in their ranks. There are several reasons for that but perhaps the most significant one is a failure to recognize and embrace the difference between data analytics and data science.

Prinkal Pal BRIDGEi2i

BRIDGEi2i’s ”Vizards” have put together a detailed Tableau Visualization that provides a detailed overview of all Olympics events in succession starting from 1896 till 2008 including medal information about the independent teams. Additionally, the visualization provides a deep dive into the total medals won by a country with the break-up of gold, silver and bronze medals, by sport. Click on the specific year and know how many medals your favorite country received and land upon some interesting facts about the host city for that particular year.

It is an essential activity for every business to identify and analyze brands, products, services or attributes that have the greatest influence on the final target achievement. It also enables organization leaders to get an idea of the possible impact on business outcomes if they work on different factors that drive performance for a business or organization. Key driver analysis helps in solving this problem by recognizing the importance of utilizing data to make evidence-based decisions.

Custom Sales Analytics Solution

The need for Analytics in Sales function has resulted in the growth of the overall market for predictive analytics applications. At present, there are dozens of Sales Analytics solutions available in the market. The providers of these analytics solutions vary from organizations that are solving individual problems such as opportunity scoring, pipeline forecasting to many others that are solving two or more problems together.

Open Data

Like the Arab Spring of 2010 and multiple other movements, there is a silent revolution underway in the form of “Open Data Movement” which is creating a lot of data and revealing insights that are changing the way in which we are living.

M² - Model Risk Management & Governance Platform

Leveraging the extensive experience with Financial Institutions, BRIDGEi2i has developed a model risk management platform, M². M² provides complete control and visibility over model performance and health with in-depth monitoring metrics for evaluation. M² effectively incorporates governance workflows to manage models across its entire lifecycle from development to retirement.

BRIDGEi2i Internet of Things (IoT) solution

We, the BRIDGEi2i Marketing Team, pack in a lot every month; Campaigns, Thought leadership, SMM, AR/PR, well…you know…the works. Somewhere in the midst of all this B2B marketing, a crazy idea strikes: “What if BRIDGEi2i’s solutions were reimagined as movie or TV series titles?” Cool right? We being who we are, decide to act on it and create…Continue Reading “Analytics Solutions as Movie Titles – Posters”