06 Adoption of AI in Sales

Artificial intelligence is helping companies boost lead volume, close rate, and overall sales performance. That’s because this technology can automate and augment much of the sales process. AI technology can automate many sales activities – such as gathering customer information to determine needs, processing sales, taking product orders and preparing contracts. AI-enabled sales team spend 40% less time on those activities.

The time-consuming tasks have been taken by AI consulting companiesgiving sales teams more time to selling. AI has a positive impact on sales operations if it’s focused on decreasing the non-selling time spent by sellers. According to the study, sales teams already using AI are dropping call times by as much as 60%-70%. AI for sales helps sales teams identify needs and align solutions before making the call, so they have less exploring to do on calls. Machine learning can increasingly gather and analyzes performance data, recommend solutions and make daily data-based decisions. This makes managers’ roles more optimized.