4 Ways How Digital Analytics Can Improve Customer Experience

4 Ways How Digital Analytics Can Improve Customer Experience

Digital Analytics has undergone a paradigm shift in the last two decades and provides a 360-degree view of consumers. Here are BRIDGEi2i’s portfolio of digital analytics solutions to improve customer experience:

1. Clickstream Analytics

Decoding the path taken by consumers as they navigate their way around websites and apps. The data generated reveals a treasure trove of info about where users spend time online and this insight helps in understanding user behavior.

We worked with a global consumer electronics company and analyzed over 50 GB of data to monitor marketing effectiveness and build robust strategies.

2. Web and Mobile Web Analytics

The measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of web data to optimize usage and formulate online strategies surmise the concept of web and mobile web analytics. To know more about how BRIDGEi2i engaged with the global leader in digital and electronic products and reduced the turnaround time of their campaign effectiveness.

3. E-commerce Analytics

The boom in online shopping has led many marketers to test waters in e-commerce – with due tracking of transactions and revenues being generated. The data generated from such sites allow several sales and supply chain decisions to manifest.

Learn all about how BRIDGEi2i worked with a global software/hardware technology company and offered personalized cross-sell recommendations and doubled their campaign effectiveness by 200%.

4. Social Media Analytics

The analysis of social media and blogs allows for genuine sentiments to be captured through reviews, ratings, and recommendations by tracking impressions, engagement, reach, word clouds, etc.

At BRIDGEi2i, we work with several clients and partner with them to deconstruct data and adopt solutions that enable real-time insights and decision making. Digital Analytics captures inputs from the entire customer journey map. Are you Curious about capturing and decoding digital trends?