5 Ways AI Is Driving Better Customer Experience

Organizations are increasingly embracing the AI shift to revolutionize business platforms. AI provides automated assistance, improves marketing flows, and leverages customer support service. It eliminates friction, enhances data analytics, and augments better resource utilization across organizations.

According to Gartner, AI augmentation will create $2.9 trillion of business value in 2021.  The successful deployment of AI can create operational efficiency and significantly reduce the time and cost in the workflow. AI is becoming the critical component of high-quality customer service.

With artificial intelligence for customer experience, help desk agents can keep track of user requests and efficiently deal with customer-care-related issues in real-time. From providing a hyper-personalized experience to using AI-powered self-service tools, harnessing AI’s power will help companies improve end-to-end customer support.

5 Ways AI Is Driving Better Customer Experience

Resolution Speed

AI predictive analytics tools can analyze data more accurately. It can assess large data sets to draw conclusive reports at a much faster rate as compared to humans. It drives connectivity and visibility across the entire workflow, and ensures better access to data at all touchpoints enabling companies to take improved data-backed decisions. All of these factors can help significantly provide better assistance to customers. Chatbots can use the data analytics tools to analyze the database and resolve customer issues immediately.

Personalized Content

Personalization is a crucial feature of AI. AI enables companies to send contextual and personalized messages to customers that caters to their interests, channel usage, and more. It makes use of consumer data to modify user experience by providing them with tailored recommendations. Customized content is replacing the cookie-cutter mold of traditional marketing techniques. AI tools are used for automated email curations for different target audiences, and this hyper-relevant email helps improve customer’s reliance significantly.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation uses chatbots that engage with customer data to identify the stage at which a specific customer is in the buyer’s graph. AI chatbots can navigate, track, and analyze the question that customers ask. The chatbots enable the sales teams to identify the most qualified, sales-ready leads thereby delivering a hyper-personalized experience.

Empowering Self-Service

Strong chatbots use ML and NLP tools to understand the historical data trends to analyze customer behavior. It can identify the pattern in which the customers interact with the concerned brand. The chatbots can assess the customer queries and use the historical data to provide real-time solutions. They are practical tools for assisting customers in performing operations like resetting passwords, bill payments, or other routine tasks.

Improved Customer Service And Relationship Management

AI is used in help desks to improve customer support service quality. It helps agents automatically sort the support tickets into categories without violating the Service Level Agreement (SLA) norms. Based on the SLA, it can automate the complaint resolution process through effective ticket management.

To Conclude:

Companies can optimize customer experience with AI implementation at large scale. Using AI solutions in customer experience will transform the future as we know it.