ACCENDO – Innovation Day

The second edition of Accendo – Innovation Day was hosted in August. Accendo is one of the flagship initiatives of SCaLA that looks to disseminate knowledge on new capabilities and skills in the analytics space, spur ideas on innovative analytics solutions that we can take to market and showcase some interesting use cases teams have worked on.

This edition in particular was a platform for in-depth conversations on NLP and Computer vision, sharing some nifty data engineering hacks and interesting use cases from our AI accelerators. The output driven session saw some of our best speakers who once again made it evident that innovation is not thinking out of the box but forgetting a box exists. The data engineering hacks in text matching algorithms and using map APIs and address fields as an interesting feature in mapping the affluence of a customer were a big hit with the audience. The reusable assets of a menu driven tool to build decision trees and a modular code for data pre-processing, model building and selection were very well received by our enthusiastic analysts. The AI enabler teams – watchtower, optimizer & converser vowed the audience with a showcase of voice enabled platforms, simulation tools for optimising revenue and intelligent dashboards that identify anomalies, personalise insights and narratives based on user personas.

The event also saw a demo of our product , BRIDGEfunnel an AI- enabled sales assistant that deliver recommendations to sales reps based on deal risks and deal values. It was heartening to see the algorithm, UI/UX, data modelling and architecture teams talk about their individual work streams and salient features of the product.

The event was concluded with the fireside chat on “How to make AI real ?” which was moderated by Pritam, our CTO. The panellists were Joydeep Dam (Director of AI Labs at BRIDGEi2i), Bhaskar Kumar (CRO of Bajaj Finance Ltd) and Hindol Basu (CEO of Actify data labs).

The 2 day event sure left the audience with an enthralling experience of the world of Artificial intelligence for the digital enterprise.