Acing Pokémon Go with Tableau Visualization – BRIDGEi2i "Vizards"

According to reports, Pokémon Go was downloaded more than 500 million times and the players walked more than 4.6 billion kilometers! The game obviously has a massive following in various parts of the world. It is hardly a surprise that it was recently recognized as the top grossing app in the US.

Can’t get enough of the global phenomena that is Pokémon Go? Have you been wondering how you could gain an edge and take your game to a different level? Put your worries aside because BRIDGEi2i’s analytics and visualization capabilities are here to the rescue.

BRIDGEi2i has developed a Pokémon Dashboard, which encourages you to Keep Calm and Go Catch’em All. The dashboard allows you to choose the best Pokémon based on a combination of two critical abilities. Whether you want the perfect mix of speed and attack or the best of weight and defense, the dashboard will ensure that you choose the most appropriate Pokémon. You can select the type of Pokémon, be it Fire or Fairy, and then single out a specific Pokémon with respect to two parameters of your choosing.

What if you had the statistics to predict the victor if, for instance, Mewtwo and Charizard went to battle? The Pokémon Dashboard also lets you compare the capabilities and two Pokémon characters based on attributes such as attack, defense, special moves, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Use the interactive dashboard below to gain a strategic edge and win your Pokémon battles!

Visualization created by Prinkan Pal & Jaskaran Singh