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Top-notch intelligence-driven customer experience, in today’s digital era, is the only real differentiator for sustained customer growth and improved share of wallet for business enterprises.

Typically, most enterprises view and treat customers using the siloed lens of a single function or product. Customers thus end up with fragmented experiences. The explosion in digital touchpoints and expectations from an ever-increasing number of customers of new-age sophisticated experiences compounds the challenge of customer experience.

Research states, ‘75% of organizations believe themselves to be customer-centric, but only 30% of consumers agree.’

AI lies at the heart of making businesses customer experience centric, enabling real-time contextual relevance and proactive engagement in every customer interaction – across business functions and across digital and human-assisted touchpoints.

Pivoting the enterprise on customer experience calls for a cross-functional lens and a holistic transformation roadmap, taking into account the roles of data, AI, technology and processes. BRIDGEi2i’s fundamental approach to AI-enabled transformation is to own accountability for delivering CX impact on AI and digital investments by focussing on program design and adoption.

Unified customer view across functions & interactions


Businesses look at customers from the lens of a single function or a single product.

AI-powered CX

Takes a pervasive view of the customer across the customer lifecycle. Customer gets a unified and seamless experience across functions and touchpoints.

CX opportunity by embedding AI in digital


Digital adoption alone does not drive superior customer experiences. The unprecedented amount of customer information from across digital touchpoints (such as voice, text, speech, clickstream) is largely untapped

AI-powered CX

Enriches knowledge of customer by extracting and combining every bit of information across all digital and physical touchpoints. Learning from such data enables driving contextual customer actions in real time

Personalized treatment at every touch


Personalization is typically used in pockets, say for campaigns, using next-best offer or product. It takes a siloed view limited to the marketing function

AI-powered CX

Takes a horizontal customer journey view for personalization of customer treatment and thus experience.

Personalization is next best action across marketing, customer support, billing, originations (all functions)

Proactive management of customer experience


Reactive approach to customer experience where issues are identified and tackled as they bubble up through customer complaints, typically siloed with customer service departments

AI-powered CX

Enables proactive management of CX through holistic tracking of experiences across all customer conversations and feedback to identify evolving issues that need attention

Case studies

Holistic view of customers

To achieve transformational customer experience using AI, enterprises need to build a unified, all-encompassing view of their customers across business functions and touchpoints, leading to agile insight generation. This can make the entire customer experience seamless and agnostic to functions while ensuring maximum efficiency.

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Proactive CX monitoring

Enterprises need to be empowered to identify and fix issues in their processes, technologies and systems that can cause poor customer experiences. By deploying the Agent Performance Watchtower, our client was able to track customer sentiment and monitor the performance of their agents more effectively and efficiently.

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Personalized customer experiences

Superior CX uses AI to personalize customer action based on real-time signals from across the customer journey. We built an AI solution for our client, a P&C insurer, to drive product recommendations among existing customers by achieving a high cross sell rate.

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Optimized action

Typically, customer lifetime value serves as an optimization objective as it reflects the quality of customer relationships in the long term. However, enterprises often need an optimization mechanism to choose the right action targeting niche consumer segments for specific products.

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Intelligent Interactions

Driving superior customer experience in today’s age requires AI-driven intelligence at the touchpoints where the customer interacts with the brand. We worked with a global electronics giant to reduce dependencies on assisted support channels and increase the adoption of online functions and automated channels.

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Personalized recommendations

Between 40-70% of fin-techs growth rate is based on growing the share of wallet from existing customers given that it’s a densely competitive market. With AI, enterprises can pinpoint user needs, identify gaps and offer best-suited recommendations to improve cross-sell rates.

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Real-time CX insights

Real-time insights are the future of customer experience management as they’re focused on driving timely, superior experience for clients by analyzing the customer journey as a whole. Enterprises can leverage data engineering and AI to improve core process efficiencies and provide a holistic view of clients.

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