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We cut claims fraud by half, with zero boots on the ground


BRIDGEi2i empowers its clients to be future-ready through artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and predictive analytics technologies.
As the insurance industry harnesses the power of new and unconventional data and analytics, our Intelligent Automation solutions help you become more agile and stay competitive.

Input/data enrichment

Automated information extraction and summarization from a variety of data
Social and web-based data integration

Worker enablement and adoption

Integrated underwriting application
Fraud detection module with forensics
Q&A assistant

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Process streamlining

Automated claims and underwriting
Loss monitoring and key drivers analyses
Chatbots for customer service

Proactive and smart decisioning

Contextual recommendation engine
Autonomous underwriting decisioning
Preventive claims management

BRIDGEi2i enables insurers to build best-in-class digital and data capabilities to better meet customer needs.


Digital Insurance Digital Insurance

Digital Insurance

Autonomous Underwriting Decisioning solution, using Deep Learning, for risk assessment, limits determination, cross sell and pricing actions that increased throughput and reduced decisioning time by 70%.

Digital Insurance Digital Insurance

Digital Insurance

Intelligent decisioning engine with an automated platform, that leveraged graph networks and anomaly detection to identify nexus of fraudulent entities that increased fraud capture rate by over 30% and reduced false positives by 20%.

Data Innovations Data Innovations

Data Innovations

AI-based monitoring system that identifies emerging risks using social feeds and syndicated research brought down the turnaround for risk identification from 27 days to 2 days, and boosted identification accuracy by 25%.

Data Innovations Data Innovations

Data Innovations

Automated AI/ML engine to evaluate the extent of car damage and estimate claims cost, from images, that saved over $1M over six months.

Claims Optimization Claims Optimization

Claims Optimization

Predictive platform leveraging feature engineering and machine learning to identify potential subrogation, for property insurance, that enabled over 25% improvement in claims recovery.

Autonomous Underwriting Autonomous Underwriting

Autonomous Underwriting

Fully automated and integrated underwriting application that leveraged advanced CV and NLP techniques, reduced deal processing time by up to 50%.

Personalized Marketing Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing

Automated recommendation engine powered by AI/ML to make the next best product recommendation and provide actionable insights to field agents, that led to over $100M incremental GWP & 76% higher cross sell rate.

Efficient Pricing Efficient Pricing

Efficient Pricing

Watchtower, leveraging anomaly detection and graph networks, provided early warning signals and highlighted root causes, leading to 200 bps reduction in loss ratio & 90% reduction in analysis time spent by underwriters on portfolio pricing.


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BRIDGEi2i Recognized among Top Data and Analytics Service Providers – 2020

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“Clients are extremely vocal about the level of transparency and frankness with which the company operates, leading them to trust BRIDGEi2i as an equal partner.”- AnalystSpeak

“They have innovative ways of folding in new data we couldn’t use before, and we have seen good uplift as a result.”- ClientSpeak

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BRIDGEi2i featured as a ‘Major Contender’ in Insurance Analytics and Insights PEAK MatrixTM


Prithvijit Roy

Prithvijit Roy, CEO & Co-Founder

“Transformation is not a choice anymore, it is a must to stay relevant and competitive.

Today BRIDGEi2i is uniquely positioned, thanks to our asset based consulting approach to make your Digital Transformation journey a success.”

Anirban Chaudhury

Anirban Chaudhury, VP & Practice Head, Insurance

“By adopting AI solutions, P&C insurers can bolster their business operations and develop sophisticated digital business models.

BRIDGEi2i’s robust capabilities and experience in implementing such intelligent AI solutions across the globe can generate long term ROI from your analytics investments.”

BRIDGEi2i leverages AI to deliver Insurance Transformation