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AI powered Sales Transformation

AI for a progressive Sales Value Chain

The constant pressure on growth is pushing Sales Leaders and Sales Ops teams to keep improving sales performance & effectiveness and find newer avenues of enablement. While the existing sales analytics investments may be addressing the needs to some extent, what sales organizations really need is acceleration of outcomes across the sales value chain. It is time for Sales teams to tap into the potential of AI to drive process automation, real-time performance visibility, growth predictability and enable real-time contextual intelligence.

BRIDGEi2i brings to the table, the perfect balance of sales analytics capabilities, domain consulting expertise and AI accelerators to deploy contextual solutions that drive transformation outcomes for Sales teams.

Sales Visibility

One of the biggest challenges for enterprise Sales leaders and sales ops teams is lack of visibility across the sales lifecycle. Without the ability to track and monitor sales KPIs, predictability and therefore timely interventions and risk mitigation also get affected in a big way. CRM data compliance issues, outdated reporting processes and lack of real time monitoring systems are among the many reasons why visibility continues to be a problem for sales teams.

BRIDGEi2i combines advanced analytics and self learning algorithms to provide accurate sales forecasts for territory and quota planning and enable automated data-driven compensation models. With these systems, you get real-time visibility on performance against forecasts at an individual or territory level. Add conversational AI into the mix, and you can have your sales forecasts read out to you

BRIDGEi2i featured in Gartner Market Guide for SaaS-Based Predictive Analytics Applications for B2B Sales and Marketing.

Sales Effectiveness

Sales effectiveness addresses the enhancement of sales outcomes by making people and processes more effective.

Insights derived from a sales data can help drive better decisions both for internal process enhancements and sales touchpoints with customers.

BRIDGEi2i deploys AI powered analytics systems to help automate dissemination of customer insights and triggers at various stages in the sales lifecycle to improve lead and opportunity prioritization, lead allocation and strategy for cross sell and up sell to name a few. With self learning algorithms and real-time dissemination avenues, AI solutions are powering the next generation of sales effectiveness programs in enterprises.

BRIDGEi2i named in Gartner’s Market Guide on Data Science and Machine Learning Service Providers.

Sales Enablement

With Sales teams spending so much time on the road trying to close deals, enterprises have realized how important it is to focus on enablement, be it intelligence, deal level tactics or even well timed interventions. With AI coming into play, sales enablement has undergone a tremendous shift over the last few years with concepts like tribal knowledge, guided selling and contextual intelligence setting the tone for the future of sales enablement.

BRIDGEi2i’s AI solutions allow sales reps to leverage real-time insights that are contextualized to their pipeline, accounts and deals and furthermore to the precise stage in the sales lifecycle. This reduces manual intervention, the subjectivity associated with it and the lag owing to the volume of research needs. What’s even better, sales reps can get these insights on the go and also leverage voice assistants to delve deeper as needed.

BRIDGEFunnel puts sales reps in the driver’s seat with AI-driven guided selling.

Featured Solutions

Sales Decision Engine is an AI-powered analytics engine that integrates with your business systems to provide accurate real time sales forecasts and help mitigate current and future state pipeline risk.


BRIDGEFunnel is a AI-powered Guided selling SaaS product that delivers contextual sales intelligence and deal level tactics to sales teams for driving higher win rates; all at your finger tips, on the go!

Why partner with BRIDGEi2i?

Our obsession with “value to customer” and “time to value” has shaped our engagement philosophy and we partner with our clients to make the journey from Information to Insight to Impact easier, faster, and sustainable. We leverage our proven problem-solving frameworks, extensive domain expertise, data science capabilities and proprietary AI accelerators to help companies accelerate their transformation journeys and build digital enterprises of the future.


At the core, we are an organization of problem solvers. From the time we started BRIDGEi2i at a garage in HSR layout to present day, we have focused on building best in class capabilities to ensure we are bringing our A game when it comes to solving the most complex problems and delivering value to clients.

That’s how SCaLA (Skills | Capabilities | Learning | Ascension) was born; a structured skills & capabilities development division within BRIDGEi2i that nurtures and molds handpicked talent into world class Data Scientists, Technologists, Consultants and AI experts.

AI Labs

BRIDGEi2i’s AI Labs drives innovation in data engineering, machine learning algorithms, and last mile analytics delivery through AI-powered interfaces.

With a pick of the best data scientists, AI technologists, and engineers, AI Labs delivers innovation that helps enterprises extract more value from analytics, operationalize analytics through AI, and accelerate digital transformation outcomes.

Smart Apps

Since the inception, we have focused on innovation to deliver sustainable impact to our clients. Leveraging experience from our extensive body of work with Fortune 500 companies, we have built a strong AI applications development practice: Smart Apps

The Smart Apps practice works in conjunction with the consulting team and AI Labs to develop and deploy customized AI applications that address unique business needs.

Contextual Solutions

Be it one time projects or multi-year transformation engagements, we have always focused on delivering sustainable impact. Our success comes from our ability to contextualize solutions to business problems and create transformation roadmaps.

Our focus, efforts and investments in building domain depth, structured problem-solving frameworks and consulting expertise have helped us consistently deliver transformation outcomes, and our work has been recognized by analyst firms like Gartner, Forrester, Everest Group, HfS, and ISG.

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