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AI for Supply Chain

AI for a future proof supply chain

With a huge pressure on driving growth through enhanced customer experience and improving bottom line through operational effectiveness, enterprises are betting on Supply Chains to become more intelligent, agile and transparent, while keeping the costs under control. As the transformation narrative gathers more steam and traditional supply chains evolve into sophisticated digital supply networks, AI holds the key to enabling real-time contextual insights, automating traditional processes and driving faster and more accurate decision making across the value chain.

BRIDGEi2i leverages its proven industry and functional consulting expertise, proprietary AI accelerators and AI & advanced analytics capabilities to drive better supply chain visibility, planning and effectiveness.

End to End Supply Chain Visibility

For a supply chain function to keep up with the transformation roadmap, tighter collaboration with other functions and end to end visibility across the process are the two most important priorities to address. While collaboration is more of a culture driven, end to end visibility is technology led and AI has immense potential to drive impact. Having real-time visibility across the supply chain nodes helps teams leverage critical business insights at the point of decision making, drive more agility and flexibility across processes and create more levers of control for effectiveness.

Embedding AI in the Supply Chain ecosystem enables real-time monitoring of supply chain nodes, giving teams the ability to identify risks ahead of time and plan mitigation based on actionable insights. BRIDGEi2i’s end-to-end Supply Chain Orchestration solution uses AI and ML to generate real-time “Big Picture” insights for every node and edge of enterprise supply chain.

BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions Named in Gartner’s Market Guide for Data and Analytics Service Providers

Supply Chain Planning

With evolving market dynamics and cutthroat competition, enterprises cannot afford time lag and the silos that traditional supply chain planning processes bring. The supply chain of the future demands a real-time, faster and more accurate demand forecast, one which takes into account a wide variety of relevant data and that does not rely on hours of manual effort using cumbersome excel sheets. AI brings automation and algorithmic sophistication to enable a more robust and dynamic supply chain planning thought process.

BRIDGEi2i’s Demand and Inventory Watch Tower leverages ML frameworks to forecast demand and calibrate inventory. The solution complements your Demand Planning Systems with best-in-class algorithms to predict demand over lead-time.

BRIDGEi2i Named in B2B Analytics and Measurement Provider Report by Independent Research Firm

Supply Chain Operations Effectiveness

With globalization in full swing and new markets opening up at a frantic pace enterprise Supply Chains are always under pressure to cope with the growth demands. On the other hand bottom line focus is pushing functions, specifically supply chain and procurement to optimize spend. Finding the balance between driving growth and controlling cost is one of the biggest challenges for supply chain & procurement operations. AI enables data-driven cost optimization at scale and brings agility and higher accuracy to cost control.

BRIDGEi2i specializes in spend optimization through a combination AI accelerators and automation to deliver higher cost savings by focusing on appropriate commodity sourcing methodologies, freight spend reduction and improved supply base optimization.

BRIDGEi2i featured as ‘Innovators’ in the Procurement Analytics Report by Markets and Markets

Why partner with BRIDGEi2i?

Our obsession with “value to customer” and “time to value” has shaped our engagement philosophy and we partner with our clients to make the journey from Information to Insight to Impact easier, faster, and sustainable. We leverage our proven problem-solving frameworks, extensive domain expertise, data science capabilities and proprietary AI accelerators to help companies accelerate their transformation journeys and build digital enterprises of the future.


At the core, we are an organization of problem solvers. From the time we started BRIDGEi2i at a garage in HSR layout to present day, we have focused on building best in class capabilities to ensure we are bringing our A game when it comes to solving the most complex problems and delivering value to clients.

That’s how SCaLA (Skills | Capabilities | Learning | Ascension) was born; a structured skills & capabilities development division within BRIDGEi2i that nurtures and molds handpicked talent into world class Data Scientists, Technologists, Consultants and AI experts.

AI Labs

BRIDGEi2i’s AI Labs drives innovation in data engineering, machine learning algorithms, and last mile analytics delivery through AI-powered interfaces.

With a pick of the best data scientists, AI technologists, and engineers, AI Labs delivers innovation that helps enterprises extract more value from analytics, operationalize analytics through AI, and accelerate digital transformation outcomes.

Smart Apps

Since the inception, we have focused on innovation to deliver sustainable impact to our clients. Leveraging experience from our extensive body of work with Fortune 500 companies, we have built a strong AI applications development practice: Smart Apps

The Smart Apps practice works in conjunction with the consulting team and AI Labs to develop and deploy customized AI applications that address unique business needs.

Contextual Solutions

Be it one time projects or multi-year transformation engagements, we have always focused on delivering sustainable impact. Our success comes from our ability to contextualize solutions to business problems and create transformation roadmaps.

Our focus, efforts and investments in building domain depth, structured problem-solving frameworks and consulting expertise have helped us consistently deliver transformation outcomes, and our work has been recognized by analyst firms like Gartner, Forrester, Everest Group, HfS, and ISG.

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