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AI–Driven Talent Transformation

Accelerating Value across
the talent lifecycle

With so much talk about the future of workplace and automation of jobs the AI narrative for Talent in organizations is somewhat polarized. As enterprises look to accelerate their digital transformation journeys, the need for acquiring new skills, scaling existing talent and retaining high performing talent becomes all the more crucial. Therefore talent functions need to scale up their thought process and open their minds to the immense potential of AI in driving more effective, efficient and future ready organization.

At BRIDGEi2i we believe that the true power of AI lies in augmentation thereby making functions and processes more effective and delivering enhanced experiences to consumers be it employees or customers. BRIDGEi2i leverages its proven industry and functional consulting expertise, proprietary AI accelerators and advanced analytics capabilities to drive sustainable transformation outcomes for Talent organizations.

Improving Employee Experience
  • Employee Understanding
  • Digital Engagement
  • Cross Channel (Social/ Mobile/ Cloud) Coherence & Self Service
Increasing Operational Efficiency
  • Visibility & Transparency of Outcomes/ Metrics
  • Digital HR Service Delivery Re-Design
  • Talent Enablement
Defining Future of Workplace
  • Scale-to-demand
  • Network & Collaboration based Organization Design (“Multiplier Effect”)
  • Management of Skills/ Skill based Organization

Improved Employee Engagement


Optimized Cost of Service Delivery


Smart resource management

AI Solutions for Talent Transformation

Forecasting / Planning

Resource forecasting is one of the most important priorities for an organization. In people driven industries, this has an even higher prominence with a need for optimal utilization of resources, balancing efficiency and effectiveness – workforce that is neither over utilized (burnt out) nor under utilized.

Resource forecasting takes into account the impact of industry demand and supply for talent, an organization’s ability to attract and retain them and eventually identify employee specific engagement drivers. BRIDGEi2i’s forecasting solution captures the different drivers that impact resource requirements and leverages customized forecasting algorithms to predict resource needs, thereby helping organizations anticipate and bridge the gap between demand and supply of talent.

Talent Acquisition

As talent continues to become the single biggest differentiator for long term success, sourcing and acquiring the right talent is a top priority for any organization. The scale and pace at which talent organizations need to manage acquisition today demands a drastic move from traditional practices.

With Analytics & AI coming into play, screening and interviews have become a lot more intelligent; algorithms are now able to determine which candidates will be the right fit for the organization. Apart from improving “fit rates”, BRIDGEi2i’s AI powered solution helps recruiters look for the right candidates in the right forums and focus on better engagement, rather than transactional activities. AI aides better discovery, richer engagement and faster and more accurate talent decisions.

Engagement & Employee Experience

The ever changing dynamics of the current business environment, evolution of the workplace of the future and continuous shifts in strategy/ culture have driven organizations to reconsider traditional employee engagement strategies. Employees, perhaps like never before, want to engage with their employers just like ‘End Consumers’, which is making the need to focus on Employee experience and Personalization, that much more important.

Our AI-powered Employee Engagement solution provides real time visibility on key metrics and delivers actionable insights to help HR organizations improve employee engagement through combinations of structured and unstructured data.


With digital transformation taking center stage, enterprises are being challenged to scale up skills and capabilities across the board. This makes learning and development the #1 priority for both the organization as well as the employees. Numerous studies suggest that effective learning leads to greater employee motivation and high engagement as employees see that the organization is investing in their careers.

Our AI powered Analytics solutions enable organizations to carve out personalized development paths for employees based on crucial data points. It also helps organizations make key decisions on long term workforce strategy by evaluating the impact of learning & development interventions.

Performance Enhancement

With cut throat competition and a constantly evolving business landscape, there is no room for complacency in enterprises. A high performance culture is a must for enterprises to stay ahead of the competition and build success irrespective of the external environment. Organizations cannot hope for a high performance culture to get built organically; It is almost always built by design, carefully over a period of time by nurturing teams and individuals combined with vision, process and technology.

Our AI solutions help organizations recognize the drivers of high performance at multiple levels, so that organizations can proactively focus on building them. While employee development is critical, the retention of key/ critical employees is even more critical to sustaining high performance culture. Using different sources of data, combined with statistical & machine learning techniques, our solutions can accurately predict attrition.

Pay & Rewards

With the growing influence of the ‘Open talent’ economy, a fair & equitable rewards policy is the cornerstone of a good talent strategy that addresses performance focused pay, cost effectiveness and personalized delivery.  This is not only important for motivating and retaining existing employees but also helps attracting the talent.

Our solutions enable a data driven approach to optimization of people budget by recommending an appropriate deployment, one that is equitable, drives performance and is cost effective.

Why partner with BRIDGEi2i?

Our obsession with “value to customer” and “time to value” has shaped our engagement philosophy and we partner with our clients to make the journey from Information to Insight to Impact easier, faster, and sustainable. We leverage our proven problem-solving frameworks, extensive domain expertise, data science capabilities and proprietary AI accelerators to help companies accelerate their transformation journeys and build digital enterprises of the future.


At the core, we are an organization of problem solvers. From the time we started BRIDGEi2i at a garage in HSR layout to present day, we have focused on building best in class capabilities to ensure we are bringing our A game when it comes to solving the most complex problems and delivering value to clients.

That’s how SCaLA (Skills | Capabilities | Learning | Ascension) was born; a structured skills & capabilities development division within BRIDGEi2i that nurtures and molds handpicked talent into world class Data Scientists, Technologists, Consultants and AI experts.

AI Labs

BRIDGEi2i’s AI Labs drives innovation in data engineering, machine learning algorithms, and last mile analytics delivery through AI-powered interfaces.

With a pick of the best data scientists, AI technologists, and engineers, AI Labs delivers innovation that helps enterprises extract more value from analytics, operationalize analytics through AI, and accelerate digital transformation outcomes.

Smart Apps

Since the inception, we have focused on innovation to deliver sustainable impact to our clients. Leveraging experience from our extensive body of work with Fortune 500 companies, we have built a strong AI applications development practice: Smart Apps

The Smart Apps practice works in conjunction with the consulting team and AI Labs to develop and deploy customized AI applications that address unique business needs.

Contextual Solutions

Be it one time projects or multi-year transformation engagements, we have always focused on delivering sustainable impact. Our success comes from our ability to contextualize solutions to business problems and create transformation roadmaps.

Our focus, efforts and investments in building domain depth, structured problem-solving frameworks and consulting expertise have helped us consistently deliver transformation outcomes, and our work has been recognized by analyst firms like Gartner, Forrester, Everest Group, HfS, and ISG.

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