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Real-time, Contextual & Interactive BI: The new normal

With rise in analytics adoption and data-driven decision making becoming an integral part of the enterprise culture, business intelligence has been gaining a lot of significance, focus and investments. The reliance on Business Intelligence systems is growing exponentially across the enterprise and businesses are demanding insights that are real-time, contextualized to business and more importantly, at the point of decision-making. Welcome to the future of Business Intelligence: powered by AI, it will transform business intelligence from a static, on-demand reporting system to a pervasive and interactive enterprise wide decision support powerhouse.


BRIDGEi2i brings together best-in-class data engineering capabilities and its proprietary AI accelerators. SMART BI propels BI into the future with best in class data engineering capabilities layered with AI accelerators: real-time monitoring and alerting through “Watchtower” and rich interactivity through “Conversor”. Say goodbye to complex meaningless dashboards delivered to your inbox. Welcome to SMART BI!

Engineered for Impact

BRIDGEi2i’s Data Engineering Practice specializes in building data lakes, marts, and warehouses that can handle volume, velocity and variety of data. Tightly integrated with consulting and AI labs BRIDGEi2i takes an innovative approach to data engineering focused on monetizing data assets and delivering actionable insights to businesses across the enterprise.

Going from Descriptive to Predictive Insights

Businesses today don’t want to do beyond just understanding what has happened but also why and what’s going to happen. This shift is natural…going from analytics that guides future decisions to analytics that predicts the scenarios and sharpens decision making to a narrower range of possibilities; that’s faster and more accurate decisions across the board! BRIDGEi2i’s proprietary AI accelerator “Watchtower” enables granular KPI & entity monitoring with real-time alerts for anomalies, giving stakeholders the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. Businesses no more have to go to BI systems or go through clunky excel reports or static dashboards. This is truly pervasive…contextual insights delivered to you!

Interactive insights? Yes that’s right!

One of the biggest roadblocks in extracting RoI from Analytics investments is the adoption of insights. This is partly due to cumbersome reporting formats and partly due to poor last mile access to insights. BRIDGEi2i’s AI accelerator “Conversor” brings rich interactivity and immersive experiences to consumption if insights. You can now do a deep dive into your KPI dashboard through a chatbot or voice assistant or even interact with it using augmented reality experiences.

Data Engineering
Predictive Insights
Interactive Consumption

Building Data Lake for centralizing and multiple structured and unstructured sources of data

Building Functional Data Lakes with consistent KPIs and Analytics Infrastructure Layers

Building predictive alerts with automated detection of impactful patterns & anomalies with root causes

Creation of a conversational and immersive experience to enable users with right data and alerts

SMART BI: Insights for high performance businesses
Customer Experience

Real-time monitoring of Customer experience KPIs to drive better customer service, loyalty and retention

Supply Chain

Monitor end-to-end performance of Supply chain across nodes to drive timely course correction


Real-time monitoring and alerts on price-volume-market share risks for controlling price levers for better sales

Employee Engagement

Real-time visibility on key employee engagement metrics to drive actions on retention and engagement


Monitor and evaluate risks through the customer life-cycle and build strategies to manage exposure


Complete visibility sales performance and better predictability of sales closure numbers

Why partner with BRIDGEi2i?

Our obsession with “value to customer” and “time to value” has shaped our engagement philosophy and we partner with our clients to make the journey from Information to Insight to Impact easier, faster, and sustainable. We leverage our proven problem-solving frameworks, extensive domain expertise, data science capabilities and proprietary AI accelerators to help companies accelerate their transformation journeys and build digital enterprises of the future.


At the core, we are an organization of problem solvers. From the time we started BRIDGEi2i at a garage in HSR layout to present day, we have focused on building best in class capabilities to ensure we are bringing our A game when it comes to solving the most complex problems and delivering value to clients.

That’s how SCaLA (Skills | Capabilities | Learning | Ascension) was born; a structured skills & capabilities development division within BRIDGEi2i that nurtures and molds handpicked talent into world class Data Scientists, Technologists, Consultants and AI experts.

AI Labs

BRIDGEi2i’s AI Labs drives innovation in data engineering, machine learning algorithms, and last mile analytics delivery through AI-powered interfaces.

With a pick of the best data scientists, AI technologists, and engineers, AI Labs delivers innovation that helps enterprises extract more value from analytics, operationalize analytics through AI, and accelerate digital transformation outcomes.

Smart Apps

Since the inception, we have focused on innovation to deliver sustainable impact to our clients. Leveraging experience from our extensive body of work with Fortune 500 companies, we have built a strong AI applications development practice: Smart Apps

The Smart Apps practice works in conjunction with the consulting team and AI Labs to develop and deploy customized AI applications that address unique business needs.

Contextual Solutions

Be it one time projects or multi-year transformation engagements, we have always focused on delivering sustainable impact. Our success comes from our ability to contextualize solutions to business problems and create transformation roadmaps.

Our focus, efforts and investments in building domain depth, structured problem-solving frameworks and consulting expertise have helped us consistently deliver transformation outcomes, and our work has been recognized by analyst firms like Gartner, Forrester, Everest Group, HfS, and ISG.

Our Leaders
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