Analytics Solutions as Movie Titles – Posters

We, the BRIDGEi2i Marketing Team, pack in a lot every month; Campaigns, Thought leadership, SMM, AR/PR, well…you know…the works. Somewhere in the midst of all this B2B marketing, a crazy idea strikes: “What if BRIDGEi2i’s solutions were reimagined as movie or TV series titles?” Cool right? We being who we are, decide to act on it and create an entire series of posters. This blog is the collection of those works of art.

Poster #1: BRIDGEi2i Forecasting Engine

I know what you will do next summer - BRIDGEi2i Forecasting Engine

Poster #2 – BRIDGEi2i Marketing Science


Poster #3 – BRIDGEi2i Operations Planning (IoT)


Poster #4 – BRIDGEi2i Predictive Analytics


Poster #5 – BRIDGEi2i Sales Decision Engine

Analytics Solutions as Movie Posters - lock stock and one smoking funnel

Poster #5 – BRIDGEi2i BI & Data Engineering

Analytics Solutions as Movie Titles - Analytics in Numberland

Keep watching this space for more!

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