WEBCAST: Analytics Through the Lens of Conversational AI

Business Intelligence (BI) has always been a valuable aid for decision making. But now, with the advances in AI, it is possible to make the insights from BI and analytics easier to consume, through a conversational interface. Essentially, data can converse with a busy executive on the go. BI bots, powered by conversational AI, are driving improved customer experience and user engagement. Enterprises can drive next-level transformational outcomes using intelligent chatbots that integrate with their data warehouses and dashboards, to provide actionable, easy to consume insights.

About the Webcast

In this webcast, the tech architect of the Converser, Kishorekumar discusses how BI systems have evolved over the years. Early Decision Support Systems were data-dependent, but gathering insights from them was not that easy. They had multi-locational storage, non-digital formats and required specialized technical assistance for effective use. The internet and the advent of cloud technologies have made possible easy-to-use interfaces, in the form of various visualizations and dashboards, and enabled on-demand analytics. Technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) are making analytics insights easier to consume through conversational AI.

Conversational AI has come a long way from chatbots facilitating simple Q&A systems.There is now an entire spectrum of possibilities, involving querying data from different data sources, analyzing dashboards, executing user commands, and providing customer support, powered by machine learning technologies like NLP. With integrated intelligence, bots are now enmeshed with not just analytics dashboards, but they also interface with smart devices. It is now possible to even personalize chatbots, to better understand the users’ accent, facilitate payments using chatbots, and enable multitasking and multilingual capabilities.

BRIDGEi2i’s proprietary accelerator, Converser, that sits atop data and analytics layers, providing a natural language interface for users, has been integrated in our Guided Sales Decision Engine, BRIDGEfunnel, which converses with sales reps, offering them real-time intelligence to win deals.

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About the Speaker

KishoreKumar N

Kishorekumar N, Technical Lead, BRIDGEi2i

Kishorekumar N is leading the development of two of BRIDGEi2i’s proprietary AI accelerators, Converser and Recommender, that bridge the gap between technology and analytics to deliver faster actionable insights. Starting out as a software engineer, Kishore developed several B2B enterprise applications for BRIDGEi2i in the areas of Supply Chain and Sales, across CPG and Enterprise Technology industries. He has over 5 years of experience in architecting, designing and developing enterprise tools with specific focus on micro services, SOA, and distributed systems.

Kishore holds a Master’s degree in Computer Applications from PSG Tech, Coimbatore.