Rahul Mohindra

Can Analytics Help Achieve A Better Life?

05 Sep: Can Analytics Help Achieve A Better Life?

Be it Healthcare, be it Education, Agriculture, Water or Sanitation, Financial Inclusion, access to data has exploded new methods of analysis from predictive maintenance to machine learning based algorithms. Call it data science, analytics, AI, big data – like an invisible magic wand, it is touching many of the earlier processes and systems and making information, goods, services, available to us, improving access, choice and speed.


16 Feb: The 8 Actors A Data Scientist Must Meet

Truth is the journey from data to revenue growth is more like a well-crafted drama that unfolds across many different stages. There are various actors that need to enact their roles, successfully, on each of these make-shift stages, for the journey to be completed.

Humans of Analytics

23 Nov: Humans of Analytics

Humans of Analytics is an effort to recognize this incredible community that all of us are a part of. It’s not about one single company or individual. Read the stories of people who make this industry work.