Improve your deal win rate

Deal-level Recommendations
BRIDGEfunnel’s recommendations incorporate the impact that a specific sales tactic has on the parameters of the deal.

Deal risks and deal value are combined to help prioritize deals, focus on the most critical actions, and help channelize sales resources and investments to drive the most optimal outcomes.
Quantifiably reducing deal risk
Recommendations provided by the AI sales assistant are designed to reduce risks inherent in every deal. Risk scores help crystalize the win-loss probability for the deal in a manner that helps bring out the consequences of competitive actions.

Risk scores are updated whenever a deal parameter changes or a change in competitive behavior is detected.
AI-powered Sales Assistant & Strategy Software | BRIDGEFunnel
AI-powered Sales Assistant & Strategy Software | BRIDGEFunnel

Your AI-powered Sales Assistant

Pervasive, On-Demand
BRIDGEfunnel’s sales assistant features a conversational AI interface that allows sales reps to simply talk to the app on the phone to provide deal-level insights on closed deals.

It intelligently tags conversations to deals in the CRM system, eliminating cumbersome data entry processes and ensuring complete data integrity and completeness
Analytics based sales decisions
BRIDGEfunnel continuously tracks signals on the deal – from changes in deal status or deal parameters to changes in competitive behavior.

Reps receive deal level alerts and recommendations on possible courses of action from the AI sales assistant – anytime, anywhere.

Win consistently

Competitor Cheat Sheets
BRIDGEfunnel synthesizes competitive behaviors across all deals, cutting across industry, geography and product lines to deliver personalized, contextual cheat sheets.
Machine Learning algorithms continuously update cheat sheets based on the sales analytics’ flow of competitive data, time-stamped for relevancy, helping managers understand critical competitive levers to prepare for.
In-flight deal flags
BRIDGEfunnel guides reps to similar in-flight deals that have lower risk scores. Reps can understand deal parameters of relevant in-flight deals, and tactics being deployed there.

It also provides the contact details of the reps owning similar in-flight deals, to promote collaboration and sharing best practices of winning sales tactics on the sales analytics platform/dashboard.
AI-powered Sales Assistant & Strategy Software | BRIDGEFunnel
Driving performance & effectiveness across the sales organization
Event-triggers led usability
  • The sales assistant identifies deal entry and deal movements to prepare battleplans
  • Identifies requirement for cheat sheet and generates them automatically
  • App updates, email triggers and SFDC chatter as channels
  • Continuously listening to changes in deal status, deal flags, deal parameters or competitive intel
  • Receive alerts on mobile
  • Access updates deal-level recommendations, updated Battle plans or refreshed cheat sheets on the go
Recos that make a difference
  • Recommends next best sales tactics in action plan
  • Recommends cheat sheets to refer to
  • Provides relevant collaterals that could be used at a deal level
  • Identifies the set of people to collaborate with
  • Identify Deal Risk
  • Get recommended actions to win every deal
  • Deal specific competitor cheat sheets
  • Identify winning sales collaterals, right in-flight deal reps to collaborate with
The weekly stand-up
  • Ability to prioritize stand up meetings with individual teams or reps
  • Contextualize meetings based on risk indicators and exact support requirement
  • Identification of funnel risk and priority at deal level
Deploying scarce resource for the maximum impact
  • The ability to build the right sales strategy whenever required
  • Prioritization of sales tactics based on a combination of deal risk and deal value
  • Track roll-out of critical sales tactics to counter competitive moves
  • Deploy scarce sales resources in areas where they are likely to have the maximum impact of deal conversion
  • Maximize profitability and resource allocation by understanding threshold of impact for each sales tactic.
  • Understand which resources and sales tactics have the best impact on which kinds of deals –– and thereby deploying the right tactic for the right deal, optimizing cost and effort
The CI heatmap
  • Monitor generation of CI data across geo’s, SKU’s, businesses
  • Monitor generation of CI data against specific competitors
  • Enhance deal strategies with captured data
Competitors’ dynamic sales tactics
  • Any anomalous signals on accounts or competitors
  • Pre-empt competitive moves in must-win deals with pro-active deployment of sales resources
  • Generate invaluable CI data for every deal
  • Competitor cheat sheets based on SKUS, Geos, industry segments
  • Democratize CI
  • Identify real opportunities that need deeper analysis and support

AI-Powered | Scalable, Agile & Secure

Easy to deploy & Use
  • Mobile apps deployed in sales reps’ devices through secure infrastructure
  • Integrable and inter-operable with CRMs, Salesforce automation systems, CPQ applications
  • Pre-integrated with SFDC
Cloud based
  • Cloud based architecture – accessible from anywhere
  • Serverless architecture for scale
  • Low maintenance, high uptime with backup & recovery
  • Auto scales for peak demand
  • Seamless scalability on increase in user base
Highly secure
  • Built on AWS secure cloud
  • Security for data at rest and data in motion
  • Data encryption
  • VPC enabled
  • OAuth client access protocols
  • IP based access restrictions

BRIDGEi2i partners with a number of Fortune 500 Technology companies to drive better sales predictability, sales performance and effectiveness and sales force enablement. Some of our recent engagements in the sales analytics space include:

  • Territory-level guidance on setting sales quotas and prioritizing new business, upsell and X-sell opportunities for the annual sales strategy
  • Engagement analytics for, and recommendations on, optimum engagement path for lead conversion
  • Sales performance analytics for a multi-country multi-category sales org
  • Predictive competitive intelligence to guide sales resource allocation and product marketing decisions
  • Improved lead conversion accuracy by > 20% for new deal acquisitions
  • Channel strategy guidance through channel partner segmentation and partner program benchmarking


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