BRIDGEi2i Bags the 2021 Digital Case Study Award from ISG

Bengaluru, July 27, 2021

Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, has recognized BRIDGEi2i’s digital transformation engagement with a Global Technology giant with the 2021 ISG Digital Case Study Awards™, from among a record number of nearly 250 nominations.

For the engagement called out by ISG, BRIDGEi2i had implemented Machine learning that helped the client identify and investigate fraudulent user activity at scale. BRIDGEi2i worked with this Fortune 100 global technology leader and developed a system to identify suspicious user accounts on their platform better. Investigation time was reduced from days to hours as this new system leveraged machine learning and statistical techniques to process records and users at a previously unprecedented scale. The direct outcome led to a tenfold increase in the detection and removal of fraudulent accounts.

“The past year was not a drill. It was the ultimate test for providers to rapidly help enterprises address the sudden and massive requirement changes brought on by the pandemic.” said Paul Gottsegen, partner and president, ISG Research and Client Experience. “It’s been amazing to witness the entire provider community step up to that challenge, and with so many strong entries to choose from, we’re privileged to pay tribute to the best of the best.”

The ISG Digital Case Study Awards™ evaluate the objectives, solutions and outcomes achieved through digital transformation projects. Technology and service providers worldwide submit case studies independently validated by the enterprise client and reviewed by an expert ISG digital research review committee. Selections are based on a multi-dimensional assessment of the tangible impact of digital transformation on the client’s business and the uniqueness of the provider’s solution.

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