Digital innovations are changing both consumer demand and competitive dynamics in the CPG marketplace, drastically influencing consumer purchasing behavior and decisions. With boundaries between retailers, AI Companies, and CPG companies blurring, the industry is ripe for transformation.

BRIDGEi2i’s Data Science expertise fueled with the portfolio of AI for Consumer Packaged Goods solutions has helped enterprises build customer loyalty, drive incremental sales growth, get more value for marketing spend and enhanced supply chain planning and operations. Some of the largest CPG companies in the world count on us to deliver transformation outcomes.


Price & Promotion Optimization

With massive spends allocated for promotion activities and with both trade and consumer promotions running simultaneously, Sales growth in CPG companies depends heavily on understanding factors that control price and trade promotion strategies.

BRIDGEi2i’s Price & Promotion solution leverages proprietary optimization algorithms to help CPG companies measure the effectiveness of:

  • Pricing decisions and promotion mix
  • Recommendations for actions on pricing
  • The ideal promotion mix across categories accounts and regions.

The solution offers modules:

Price Control Watchtower: A price monitoring and alerting system for potential impact, policy violations, and recurrent patterns. The solution also tracks competitor pricing for similar products across different geographies

Price / Promotion Optimizer & Recommender: Provides automated and optimized price architecture recommendation to business users by SKUs, PPGs and accounts/segments with visibility into perceived utility of products/brands across customer demographics.

Pricing Watchtower for a Global Consumer Goods Company

Media & Trade Spend optimization

As CPG companies look to increase growth and profitability in an increasingly competitive market, finding efficiencies in media and trade spend will be crucial. What is needed is an integrated approach on behalf of AI companies to formulate effectiveness of marketing channels over volume sales and the optimal spend architecture for multiple brands across countries

BRIDGEi2i’s Media and Trade Spend Optimizer uses proprietary optimization algorithms to analyze media & trade spends to create a holistic view of contributors to sales and ROI. This provides automated recommendations for:

  • The most optimal mix of spends across media channels and promotional tactics to designated business users.
  • Business users for optimal spend mix across brands and vehicles.

Marketing Spend Optimization for a Leading Global Brewery

Assortment Planning

Fast moving consumer goods are seeing a sluggish growth in sales owing to increased competition from private brands and a big shift in consumer buying patterns. To combat this slump, CPG companies need to ramp up online channels, adopt a robust demand planning, rethink channel & distribution strategies and create new revenue opportunities with retailers.

BRIDGEi2i’s Assortment planning solution helps CPG companies leverages the powerful recommendation engine to analyze store level buying patterns and provide Base SKU Forecast and New SKU Recommendations at a store-level to deliver improved revenues and optimized inventory replenishment.

Assortment planning for a Global CPG Giant

Supply Chain Planning

The rise of ecommerce has caused a massive disruption in the grocery and retail industry, leading to intense competition, cost pressures and a demand for better supply chain efficiency. With customers being spoilt for choices, sustaining the brand promise is all about delivering better customer experience with agile and effective demand planning. Hence, the ability to predict demand and plan for inventory is crucial for CPG companies.

BRIDGEi2i’s Supply Chain planning solution puts AI to work for Supply Chain organizations. The demand watchtower provides complete visibility and control on demand prediction with automated demand forecasts and intelligent alerts that predicts baseline breach of forecasting behavior. Based on forecasts, the solution further helps inventory planners set the right inventory targets across various levels of granularity.

Supply Chain Demand Planning for a Global Consumer Electronics Company

Employee Engagement

The dynamics of the ever-changing business environment, the evolution of the workplace and generational shifts in organizational culture have pushed HRs to reconsider traditional employee engagement strategies.

BRIDGEi2i’s AI-powered Employee Engagement solution provides real time visibility for key metrics and delivers actionable insights to help HR organizations bring science to talent acquisition, resource management, and employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Monitoring for Global IT Services Company

Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement




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With the digital transformation agenda gathering momentum, priorities for technology companies are very clear; Look beyond productivity improvements and focus on effectiveness, when it comes to investments in analytics and AI. | With increasing competition and pressure on bottom-line, there is a big push for new revenue channels and improving profitability. | Contextualize customer experience for customer growth and retention. At BRIDGEi2i we partner with some of the largest enterprise technology companies to deploy AI-powered analytics solutions that help improve customer experience by preempting customer issues and escalations, build high performance sales teams through better forecasting and insights and optimize Supply Chain processes.

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