COVID-19 India Hotspot & Patient History Tracker

The outbreak of the global pandemic, Coronavirus, has impacted the entire world taking a massive toll on human lives, social and economic activity. It has significantly altered life as we knew it. Despite being highly infectious, finding the right cure such as a vaccine and large-scale production of the same could take a while. In India, the pandemic has spread rapidly since its detection in early January. Despite an intensive two-month long nationwide lockdown, the figures now stand at over 250,000 cases with close to 7,500 deaths.

BRIDGEi2i’s data scientists have developed a COVID-19 dashboard specific to India indicating hotspots, patient travel history and patient relationship with an easy to use interface. Collecting data from reliable sources like WHO, ICMR and, the dashboard groups hotspots as per Red, Orange and Green zones as identified by the Govt of India, compares Indian states testing rates (test per thousand/million) and traces the travel history of every patient state-wise wherever data is available. It is also possible to filter by state to learn how a particular patient has spread the infection among the demography, age-gender breakup and Test per Thousand vs Positivity Rate etc.