BRIDGEi2i Market Impact Monitor

The BRIDGEi2i Market Impact Monitor is a data-driven interactive dashboard to understand Stock Movements in a post-Covid19 market. Gathering data from reputed sources like the S&P500 index, the monitor built on Tableau looks at major sectors of the stock market and offers intelligence on constituent scrips. Taking December 31, 2019, the date WHO took cognizance of the pandemic as the base date, it categorizes stocks as Gainers (stocks that attained a historical high), Losers (stocks that attained a historical low over a decade from the outbreak) and others.

Using the Market Exploration tool of the dashboard, it is possible to see inter-stock and intra-stock differences corresponding to over an adjustable first date since the onset. This is very helpful in studying an event occurring on the first date and corelating stock prices with it. Play with the tool to identify which sector/industry/stocks are still blooming under this catastrophic situation and which ones took a significant hit.

The particular strain of novel coronavirus (nCoV)—has left nearly a million infected and thousands of dead in its wake worldwide. The pandemic, declared a Global Health Emergency has not been previously identified in humans, and has a high fatality rate in severe cases with no cure in sight. The United States has been one of the worst affected with several thousand affected and dead leading to mandatory lockdowns in major cities and towns that has kept almost two-thirds of its population indoors. The financial and economic implication of these measures is thought of to be as catastrophic as those seen during the World Wars.