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ExpertSpeak | Decoding the Value Paradigm

When it comes to AI in the digital transformation narrative, the biggest question in the boardroom is value realization. Is the definition of value the same for enterprises no matter where they are in the transformation journey? At BRIDGEi2i we partner with enterprises globally to develop a value-based transformation roadmap; we make AI real for Digital Enterprises!

Based on this narrative, Venkat Subramanian, VP Marketing BRIDGEi2i, along with Rajani Rai, Ashwini Agrawal, Aruna Babu, and Arjun Shenoy, delivered a keynote on ‘AI for Enterprises: The Value Paradigm’ at Cypher 2019.

To make “AI for Enterprises” real, one needs to have a non-fragmented view of the AI ecosystem and a “Value Roadmap” for enterprises. Pointing out how AI and related technology have pervaded our lives, the talk threw light on how consumer AI has in fact driven enterprises to look at new business models. To understand how AI adoption can be value based and focused on business outcomes, the speakers delved into the diffusion of innovation theory and understand adoption across various segments across the spectrum.

Classifying the spectrum as Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority and Late Majority, Venkat then invited BRIDGEi2i’s consulting leaders to discuss progression in various industry segments, relevant use cases and insights on how AI is leading change.

From a value paradigm view, AI driven business outcomes could mean process automation at the one end of the spectrum to pan enterprise outcomes such as superior customer experience, operational effectiveness or new business models. For devising a value-based roadmap for AI driven transformation, a holistic view of the AI ecosystem from data to insights to impact is crucial.

Watch the entire keynote ‘AI for Enterprises: The Value Paradigm’