Case study: Digital Marketing Effectiveness for a Fortune 500 Consumer Electronic Company

About the Client

The client is one of the largest fortune 500 consumer electronic companies with a market dominance across the world. Their website attracts more than 21 million visitors per day and with contributions from a large number of campaigns running at various timeframes during the year.

Business Context

With over 25 Mn transactions, 100 Mn daily page views and over 2 Mn impressions from banner, html, texts and rich media, there was over 50+ GB of data to be analysed. This led to time consuming process for critical reports and lack of standardization The client was in the need of a holistic interactive dashboard capturing events that drive the campaign effectiveness. The core objective of this engagement was to optimize digital marketing spend for one of their key marketing channels based on the customer’s propensity to respond.

BRIDGEi2i Solution

BRIDGEi2i partnered with the client to create campaign effectiveness watchtower that provided an automated live dashboard, giving the client ability to monitor marketing effectiveness real-time and use insights to build a robust strategy for upcoming campaigns. The Watch Tower solution helped the client to optimize marketing spend and improve performance of digital banner ads.

  • BRIDGEi2i derived variables from raw data, rolled up on the timeframe and region level basis.
  • Data engineers filtered and broke down the KPIs to device and browser level and other dimensions for measuring in-depth strategical insights using advanced SQL queries.
  • The clickstream data, double-click data and purchase data were consolidated in a Big Data environment to make it analysis ready.

BRIDGEi2i’s Data Engineers and AI labs collaborated to develop a Watch Tower. It used advanced DAX queries which emphasize on the KPIs for campaigns launched in the timeframe using Power BI and Tableau. AI labs set up the automation process to deliver live updates, giving stakeholders real-time insights to plan strategy for upcoming campaigns.

The consulting team and experts from the AI Labs at BRIDGEi2i deployed the Watch Tower solution which enabled prediction of future traffic pattern using forecasting algorithms. It also helped in prediction of fraud clicks on the website. Transformation of the clickstream reporting process and identification of key drivers of digital banner effectiveness helped the client target their digital spends better.

Business Impact

Increase in traffic
more interactivity on the campaign banners
Increase in the Engagement Rate