Case study: Digital Marketing Effectiveness for a Fortune 500 Consumer Electronic Company

Business Context

The client, a Global Fortune 500 consumer electronics company, was faced with analyzing over 50+ GB of data on a daily basis from the internet. With over 25 Mn transactions, 100 Mn daily page views and over 2 Mn impressions, across banners HTML, texts and rich media sources, they needed an interactive dashboard to capture events and to optimize digital marketing spend for one of their key marketing channels based on the customer’s propensity to respond.

How BRIDGEi2i Delivered Value?

BRIDGEi2i developed and deployed the Campaign EffectivnessWatchtower and worked on creating an automated live dashboard with real-time insights to optimize marketing spend and improve the performance of digital banner ads. BRIDGEI2I worked on DAX queries, Power BI and Tableau and enabled prediction of future traffic patterns using forecasting algorithms and reduction of fraud clicks on the website in order to monitor marketing effectiveness in real-time and use insights to build a robust strategy for upcoming campaigns.

We helped increase the traffic by 27% and boosted the engagement rate to 16%!

Want to know how we did this?

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