Case study: Engagement Analytics for a Global IT Services Conglomerate

Business Context

Our client, a global services conglomerate with over 25000 employees and clients across 10+ countries, was looking to re-engineer the process of understanding and assessing engagement and satisfaction levels across a diverse set of employees with sustainable people practices.

How BRIDGEi2i Delivered Value?

The advanced AI Innovation Labs at BRIDGEi2i partnered with the client and conducted thorough research in understanding employee feedback – both qualitative and quantitative. We then adopted proprietary analytical algorithms to build an engagement solution. By leveraging this, the client managed to track the changing dynamics of employee feedback on a real-time basis and determine satisfaction drivers around various themes and topics, and across different employee segments leading to specific, actionable recommendations.

The result? An unimaginable impact on employee engagement.

People Analytics can be the Stepping Stone to Empowering Employees

Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

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