Case study: End-to-end Supply Chain Orchestration for a CPG firm

Business Context

The client is a leading CPG firm in a network of 3 manufacturing facilities and 12 commercial market entities with a portfolio of over 150 SKUs operating at +96% Service Level. It wanted to reduce variance in Weekly SL – from a (μ, σ) of SL of (96%, 6%) to (96%,2%).

How BRIDGEi2i Delivered Value?

BRIDGEi2i’s E2E Control and Orchestration Tower helped IBP and Sales & Operation Planning managers to monitor the SC with a cockpit view and recommended measures to overcome short-term disturbances in the SC, hence avoiding long-term consequences.

The E2E Control and Orchestration Tower helped connect and discover causality among KPIs to improve Service Level.

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