Case study: Enhanced ROI through optimized marketing mix

BRIDGEi2i enables an online education company to drive incremental ROI of about USD 1.3 Million annually from their marketing budget by optimizing their marketing mix. An online education company based in the US, offers associate degree programs and other certifications based on tie-ups with universities and self-generated content. They deploy a variety of marketing vehicles to generate awareness and demand for their course offerings. These are both online like Display Advertisements, Facebook Promotions, Cost-per-action (CPA), Pay-per-click (PPC) arrangements and offline activities like Branding initiatives etc. There was a need to understand the relative effectiveness and ROI from each of the marketing vehicles so that the marketing mix can be optimized to get the best return on total marketing spend.

BRIDGEi2i Solution A market mix model was developed to estimate the ROI of the marketing vehicles. Additionally, a simple optimizer tool was developed to suggest the ideal marketing mix for a given marketing budget.

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