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Expert Speak | Transforming Digital Enterprises

With increasing mainstream acceptance and adoption of AI-led technologies, C-suite executives today have gone beyond committing ‘digital experimentation’ to large scale Digital Transformation, be it pan-enterprise or functional.

Digital transformation increasingly is seen as large-scale problem solving rather than pure technology implementation. AI consultancies therefore have come into the spotlight and enterprises are looking at them as long-term transformation partners

BRIDGEi2i stature as an AI consultancy has been growing significantly in the past few years and its asset-based consulting approach has resonated very well with Enterprises. P James Brady, the ex-COO at Grant Thornton LLP, United States has joined BRIDGEi2i’s advisory board recently. With a career spanning over three decades of Consulting, Audit and Advisory experience, Jim has a very strong consulting background and a point of view on how AI-led analytics is changing the business landscape.

In this episode of Expertspeak, watch Jim talk at length to Anand Ganesh, BRIDGEi2i’s VP, Strategy & Products about the key challenges businesses face today.

Jim has interesting peek into the CEO’s life, about what keeps them awake at night. He says among today’s challenges what comes to mind foremost is growth and competition. The CEO therefore is like a Prime Minister or President who must assemble an efficient and core team that tackles the twin objectives and leverage the emerging technologies to his advantage.

He thinks AI-led technological revolution—Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Algorithms are helping businesses with making better sense of information and making better decisions. The advances in Data Engineering and the evolution of Analytics from predictive to prescriptive has immense potential when it comes to driving faster and more accurate decisions in areas like price optimisation, demand-side planning, market planning and segmentation.

Jim feels it is an exciting time for asset-based AI consultancies like BRIDGEi2i to grow because they can enable solutions for ‘Faster to Market’ and “Faster to Client”. With more than 100 Fortune clients and several successful projects, BRIDGEi2i have established themselves as the ideal partners for Digital Transformation.