Case study: Fraud Monitoring and Prevention for a Leading US Bank

Business Context

The client was looking to detect card fraud instances like skimming, “card not present” and identity theft. As fraud patterns were shifting sharply, with a greater proportion of transactions being done online, their existing solution had higher false positives in certain segments and lower capture rates, leading to increased fraud losses.

How BRIDGEi2i Delivered Value?

BRIDGEi2i partnered with the client to refine & implement a new fraud detection solution with an aim to reduce fraud losses without impacting customer experience. BRIDGEi2i did this with an AI accelerator – the Watch Tower to implement an Early Warning Fraud Alert system for real-time detection of suspicious and Fraudulent transactions as well as the recommendation of mitigative actions.

We helped our client improve the fraud detection rate by 69%!

Want to know how we did it?

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