How AI for Talent Acquisition is Helping Talent Management

AI has found its place in almost every organization or business and has finally surrounded us in every aspect of our life – from the shopping experience to the automatic recruitment process. With the advancement in technology, even Human Resource (HR) departments in most of the organizations have started believing in AI for talent management as it not only helps in recruitment but also has the ability to increase acquisition and retention.

We know that the corporate recruitment and selection process is not easy, and in fact, it is one of the complex processes. But, with AI, things are not what they were used to be as the technology has made the recruitment process much easier. There are many AI Talent Intelligence Platforms which offer hiring managers, acuity of insight, intelligence, and speed across talent management.

The technology has also benefited the HR managers, and they now feel that finding the real talent and the most capable candidate for the organization is simpler now.

Why has AI Become Necessity of Talent Management?

Nowadays, we can now feel the essence of AI in the actual world. From the customized “shopping recommendations” to pop-up chatbot assistants, AI technology helps us in many ways. The best thing is that most of us have become used to of the AI interventions as it brings a high degree of personalization.

As AI provides savvy experience to the users in their personal lives, many of them want to have the same comfort level and customization at their workplaces too. In most of the organizations, HR leaders use advance technology to improve the employee experience along with productivity.

Following are the few areas in which the presence of AI has been recognized well:

Al in Talent Acquisition

AI for Talent acquisition not only makes the recruitment process easier, but modern AI tools are capable enough to assist recruiters in high-volume, activities like CV selection based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), screening of resumes, candidate-engagement through chatbots and many more.

Modern Learning Experience Through AI

AI analyzes career aspirations, current skillsets, learning needs through parsing many employee interactions. Apart from that, AI even helps in building employee ownership in learning.

AI helps in Performance and Engagement

AI helps in understanding employees’ sentiments from databases including intranet, email and many more. The technology does this by inspecting the interactions of employees in the workplace.

Employee Voice (VoE) reflects the ability of their interests, thoughts and well-being to be inferred. It helps to find application in performance management systems. HR professionals must design worker Engagement Platforms to provide positive interactions at work. AI-led virtual assistants also help HR professionals predict better results related to mobility, attrition and other workforce matters. These virtual assistants are in the form of text, voice, etc.

Rewards and Incentives

AI helps workers pick from a bucket of incentives according to their life stage, goals, aspirations, and other variables.

In this article, we have discussed some of the HR applications of AI. The potential of the technology is expected to grow in the near future as the AI algorithms are getting smarter.