How an AI Solutions Company Can Bring Businesses Closer to their Customers

Is it strange for a business to partner with an AI solutions company to gain competitive edges in the market? Absolutely not! After all, businesses do everything possible to safeguard their long-term profit-making capabilities. So, how can AI tools help them achieve this? Here’s how –

Boost Personalization

Modern-day customers expect personalized shopping experiences. The use of in-store behavior analysis to capture and predict customer requirements isn’t something new. In-store surveys, customer experience ratings, customer interviews, etc., are tools that retail stores have used for decades. However, those types of customer behavior assessments took a lot of time.

To stay ahead of the competition, smaller businesses need to perform real-time data mining. For instance, in physical stores, retailers can analyze in-store surveillance footage to create heat maps of customer traffic.

Which aisles interested them the most? What offers did customers spend the most time assessing? These large amounts of data, when combined with transactional data, can give businesses rich insights on how to optimize their product placement practices.

Similarly, in online retailing, AI-powered tools can study customer behavior to provide precise product suggestions in real-time. How? AI-powered algorithms track all customer behavior on websites and apps. Then, they segment different customers on the basis of their buying behavior, age, sex, etc. Finally, the analytical models provide personalized suggestions on the next-best products or services. These sophisticated recommendation engines can help any eCommerce vendor boost sales and customer experiences.

Addressing Customer Demands

Customers aren’t just people who buy products – they also interact with the brands and other customers as advocates, influencers, and critiques. They can voice opinions about their past purchases to influence significantly large groups of potential customers.

An AI solutions company can use advanced analytics and AI-powered tools to help businesses better understand why customers share positive or negative feedback. These AI-powered tools can –

  • Perform sentiment and text analytics on customer reviews
  • Use natural language processing algorithms to mine insights about how customer opinions are being shaped on certain products, services, or the brand in general
  • Assess how the customer sentiments translate into actual sales
  • Distinguish loyal customers from disloyal ones
  • Conduct social media analytics to understand how people perceive their brand

Rewarding Customers for Their Loyalty

AI-powered tools can not only help businesses identify their loyal customers, but they can also help reward them for their loyalty. Modern-day customers expect rewards for staying loyal to a certain company. AI-powered algorithms can hyper-segment these loyal customers and offer them bonuses or rewards every time they interact with the brand.

Provide Customers Relevant Information

The super-savvy and demanding modern-day customer isn’t hesitant to switch across business websites if needed. AI solutions companies can provide businesses with comprehensive digital footprint analyses of their customers’ journey on a business website.

For instance, mapping what particular links a customer clicked while browsing the business website can give businesses better measures of how effective their website layout, content, etc., is in generating psychological responses from target customers.

Using this information, businesses can improve their websites in ways their target customers subconsciously want them to. They can then deliver the most relevant and appealing offers to target customers.

In the early 90s and late 2000s, the Internet completely transformed the way people conduct business or engage with customers. Early adopters of the Internet and Internet-driven tools were able to gain significant edges over competitors who were too slow to act. In a similar fashion, AI adoption will help companies transform their strategies. Hence, smaller businesses need to adopt AI tools before it’s too late!