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ExpertSpeak | Prithvijit Roy at the IBMPower9 India Launch

BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions attended the IBM Power9 Launch in Gurugram, on the 8th of June and in Mumbai, on the 11th of June. Our CEO & Co-Founder, Mr. Prithvijit Roy, took the stage in Mumbai at this event to talk about Smart Converser-Based Adaptive recommendations. He also spoke about enabling AI journeys for different enterprises at the IBM Power9 Launch event.

Sharing his experiences he spoke about how being a data science company BRIDGEi2i enables IT enterprises to drive better data-driven decision making. During his talk, he shared his thoughts on why a lot of new applications are becoming Artificially Intelligent and why this change is quite evident. He gave insights about this shift towards AI technologies is due to customer demand and likelihood.

To listen to the full talk and know more about how Artificial Intelligence is changing the concept of businesses today. Watch this video now.

During the event, our CEO shared a few examples which demonstrated this change in the present scenario. Lastly, Prithvijit also spoke at the event about how The IBM Power9 Launch is significantly important and serves as a bone to entire Data Science environment and is in itself a commendable innovation.