Case study: Improved Profitability and ROI for Insurance Major

BRIDGEi2i identifies leads based on the propensity to purchase insurance products and profitability of insurance purchased to channelize resources optimally and achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) for a popular US Life Insurance broker. The client is a famous US life insurance broker and is placed in the top 1% of all US businesses. They work in a B2B setup wherein they acquire leads with quote information and direct them to carriers. However, they face the challenge of identifying leads of high quality which have a greater propensity to policy conversion with a high premium value.

BRIDGEi2i performed extensive analysis to understand the key drivers and their impact on the business thus arriving at a top-level summarization of numbers for each of the key drivers. And build look-alike models to assess propensity of purchasing insurance and continuing for the required number of months and also to assess potential premium value expected from a lead.

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