Marketing Analytics
landscape today

Over the last decade enterprises have made significant strides with adoption of marketing analytics. Marketing organizations have spent time, effort and dollars in building / sourcing Analytics capabilities and technology implementation. However organizations have been struggling to keep up with the data deluge and digital dominance. Disconnected data environments, technology deployment in silos and the lack of a holistic marketing analytics strategy has presented a new set of challenges to CMOs today.

Art & Science of Marketing

Finding the balance between the art and science of marketing and tying efforts to business outcomes.

Marketing Environment

Addressing disruptive competition, leveraging emerging new channels for driving personalized targeting and better understanding of customer.

Marketing ROI

Holistic marketing analytics strategy that delivers better ROI by addressing the complexities of disconnected data environments, multiple channels and volumes of customer data.

BRIDGEi2i’s Marketing Analytics Solution

BRIDGEi2i’s Marketing Analytics solution, Marketing Science Centre (MSc) helps CMOs add science to the art of marketing and deliver better marketing ROI.

BRIDGEi2i MSC is a marketing analytics ecosystem that provides a holistic view of the marketing data environment, enables innovation & technology for marketing automation, forecasting, and personalization and helps CMOs drive operationalization of analytics for improved effectiveness and ROI. No matter where organizations are in their marketing analytics journey, MSc can help CMOs drive a marketing strategy that delivers better visibility, effectiveness and ROI.

How does BRIDGEi2i’s MSC
deliver ROI?

BRIDGEi2i MSc deploys marketing analytics capabilities that puts volumes of marketing data (information) to work, converting them to actionable insights and thereby enabling better decision making to deliver sustainable business impact. BRIDGEi2i’s technology accelerators enable operationalization of marketing analytics processes, ensuring better effectiveness, marketing ROI and long term focus on business outcomes.

Benefits of MSC

Drive better Marketing Visibility
Enhance Customer Share of Wallet
Enhance Customer Experience
Drive Marketing Performance & ROI

For a CMO marketing visibility, customer experience, more revenue per customer and marketing effectiveness are key aspects for improving ROI. And that should be the marketing analytics charter for any marketing organization. Enterprises today are already invested in marketing analytics infrastructure, tools and capabilities to some extent. The objective is improve the ROI on those investments and tie them to business outcomes. MSc makes that happen!

  • It helps leverage and monetize the entire gamut of marketing data
  • Delivers insights that help drive better customer experience through personalization
  • Deploys technology accelerators that drive better marketing performance & ROI

Why you need BRIDGEi2i’s
Marketing Science solution:

BRIDGEi2i’s marketing analytics solution has delivered improved marketing ROI and quantified business impact to clients across geographies and industry verticals, including 10 Fortune 500 companies. We use our popular SOLVE – SIMPLIFY – SUSTAIN approach to solve complex marketing problems and help clients get most out of their marketing analytics investments.



Frameworks to understand business problems and challenges and identify suitable solutions.



Tools, technology and algorithms to simplify the process of generating and communicating insights.



Combination of process, people and technology to operationalize data driven decisions and enable sustainable business value.

This approach ensures accountability of business outcomes. We see ourselves as partners who solve unique marketing problems, deploy the tools to achieve marketing objectives and operationalize data driven decision frameworks for sustainable business impact and ROI.

BRIDGEi2i MSc delivers results…
every time!

increased hit-rate from Recommendation Engine for a Fortune 500 CPG company
reduction in cost per conversion
increase in premium value for a Global Insurance Firm
increase in repeat purchase rates through a Customer Lifetime Value model

BRIDGEi2i Marketing Analytics
sub solutions

Our unique engagement model sets marketing organizations on the path of analytics maturity and single minded ROI focus. We understand the marketing data environment, innovate around futuristic trends such as marketing automation, digital, mobile, social and personalization, and build depth in capabilities around core data, research, and visualization, to deliver the impact CMOs are looking for.

Market Intelligence:

Are you able to map trends and competition to understand the constantly evolving current, adjacent and addressable opportunites?

Can you apply statistically driven key market driver analysis?

Does your Market Size Estimation provide actionable market insights and future scenarios?

Customer Intelligence:

Would you like to measure the potential future value of a customer based on his/her current behaviour?

Get an integrated 360 degree customer experience management view?

Use a personalized recommendation engine to improve your targeting efforts?

Marketing Effectiveness:

Do you have visibility to the key deliverables expected from your marketing initiatives?

Are you able to reasonably determine ROI on your Marketing spends?

Are you optimizing your marketing dollars to extract the maximum payoff?

Do you have a campaign measurement system that learns from every iteration?

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