The advent of ‘big data’ has completely changed the way businesses can harness the information about customers to make powerful business decisions. Data could be of any type – campaign information, customer demographics, individual transaction behavior, interactions on social networks, web usage, or satisfaction surveys etc.

BRIDGEi2i has the ability and experience to mine this wealth of unstructured and structured information to help businesses identify prospects, target them through the right channel, maximize cross sell and upsell opportunities and thereby enhance the lifetime value of customer relationships.


Identify most Valuable Customers

  • Customer segmentation and profiling
  • Framework for assessing customer value
  • Modeling customer life time value based on current relationship
  • Identify patterns relating to high value customers

Enhance Customer Experience

  • NPS and Loyalty Analysis
  • Proprietary Platform for analysing Multi-channel Customer Experience

Personalised Recommendations

  • Proprietary frameworks and algorithms for optimizing cross sell efforts in a multi product scenario
  • Proprietary Recommendation Engine Platform
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