Case study: Marketing Mix Optimization for the World’s Largest Beer Manufacturer

Business Context

A global brand with a diverse portfolio, our client is a beverage manufacturing giant who invests extensively in marketing spends. With an expansive footprint across geographies, it was becoming cumbersome to measure the ROI of marketing spends, and the client wanted to understand the best optimization solutions for different media outlets, budgets, markets, and channels as a critical business need.

What BRIDGEi2i did?

BRIDGEi2i partnered with the client to work on an intelligent solution that uses ensemble methods that leverage gradient descent, Monte-Carlo simulation, & game theory techniques to deploy the Marketing Mix Optimizer. Its hosting & implementation on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform enabled seamless scale across the client’s multi-geography business technology ecosystem, thereby driving AI-empowered decision-making across various business units & geographies.

The optimizer’s easy-to-use interface can compute trillions of spend combinations in less than 5 minutes, thereby changing business dynamics in minutes.

Don’t Justify but Optimize Your Marketing Spends with AI

Want to know more?

We’re proud to announce that ISG (Information Services Group) has recognized the Marketing Mix Optimization as one of the “Best Examples of Digital Transformation in 2019”!

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