Arun Krishnamoorthy

Arun leads the Supply Chain practice at BRIDGEi2i and has been a practitioner for over 13 years. He has helped dozens of Fortune 500 companies build novel approaches to challenging problems across demand, supply, inventory and procurement planning, and operations. Having witnessed the technological transformation of supply chain landscape first-hand from data warehousing to Business Intelligence and from Big Data to ML/AI, Arun brings a unique perspective to solving complex problems by leveraging modern data science, domain knowledge, and technology.

Arun is married to Priyanka Singh, an ESG Analyst at Fidelity Investments, and lives in Boston, US. He loves reading philosophy, fly fishing, DJing, and has recently picked up dream interpretation.

Catch Arun in this podcast as he talks about the implications of COVID-19 on the global supply chain industry, or view this webcast on the importance of Demand Forecasting and Planning. Arun has also authored a whitepaper on End-to-End Supply Chain Orchestration.