Manny Kostas

Manny Kostas is a Marketing Leader with extensive experience in pricing analytics and marketing analytics business. His in-depth knowledge of technology space and marketing prowess has helped many companies lead business transformation through analytics. He is a digitally oriented marketer who has a passion for how marketing can deliver results, from awareness to purchase and on to loyalty and advocacy.

Manny has served in the major executive roles at HP, Symantec and Polycom. At HP, he has spent over 28 years in various roles across different business units. At Polycom, he helped drive key strategic initiatives as a key member of the OST ( Office of Strategy and Technology). He drove portfolio consolidation to gain operational excellence and also built new products & solutions to drive increased growth and profits. At Symantec, Manny led the transformation of the Marketing function where Symantec employed a digital-first approach focused on awareness, acquisition, retention and the expansion of the relationship with the customers.

He has a Masters degree in Management from Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management and a B.A in Marketing from Michigan State University.

Manny guides BRIDGEi2i’s growth strategy, pricing analytics and marketing analytics business.