PODCAST: Exploring Data, Digital and Artificial Intelligence through a Holistic Lens

Listening time: 45 minutes

Exploring Data, Digital and Artificial Intelligence through a Holistic Lens

In the latest episode of ‘The Data Strategy Show’, host Samir Sharma engages Prithvijit(Jit) Roy and Pritam K Paul, Co-Founders of BRIDGEi2i, in a riveting discussion. The leaders discuss data and digital transformation opportunities arising despite the global pandemic and enterprise challenges towards AI adoption. They discuss the benefits of design thinking; how business partners brainstorming together improves decision-making and creates a holistic strategy. BRIDGEi2i leaders explain why AI is an enabler to digital transformation. Currently, many organizations have heightened expectations with AI, but these companies need to understand that AI implementation is a journey where solutions get more effective over time. It’s also crucial for enterprises to plan for contingencies and take preventive measures to ensure biases do not creep into datasets after implementing algorithms into pilots. In addition, the leaders touch upon how it’s imperative to set the right expectations from AI so that more and more pilot projects get translated into POCs.

Meet the Speaker

Prithvijit Roy Speaker

Prithvijit Roy

Prithvijit Roy (Jit) is the CEO and one of the co-founders of BRIDGEi2i, with over 19 years of experience in the analytics industry. A Masters in Quantitative Economics from the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Calcutta, Prithvijit founded BRIDGEi2i in May 2011. Before this, he was responsible for setting up the analytics shared services organization for Hewlett Packard (HP) across multiple global locations. He was also part of the leadership team in building GE’s Analytics Center of Expertise in India and has worked at NIPFP and TERI.

Pritam K Paul Speaker

Pritam Kanti Paul

Pritam Kanti Paul, CTO and Co-Founder of BRIDGEi2i Analytics, is a Gold Medalist in his batch of Masters in Statistics at the Indian Statistical Institute Calcutta. He has over 17 years of analytics consulting experience in target marketing, pricing, credit risk, audit analytics, fraud detection, forecasting, spend analytics and market research. Prior to BRIDGEi2i, Pritam served HP as the Director of marketing, customer and e-commerce analytics and led teams focused on risk and financial analytics at GE.