Case study

Pricing Optimization for a Fortune 500 Consumer & Professional Products Company

Business Context

Our Fortune 500 American client is a manufacturer and marketer of hygiene & health-care products, and compete in a cut-throat marketplace with highly dynamic pricing regimes. In a market swamped with e-commerce companies, retailers, private labels, and other competition irrespective of their geographies, price anomalies can be challenging.

How BRIDGEi2i delivered value

Enter BRIDGEi2i’s Sales & Pricing Watch Tower: A complex combination of data engineering, machine learning, and advanced algorithmic capabilities that acts as a price anomaly detection engine.
Our AI-driven Sales & Pricing WatchTower helped the client immensely in gaining meaningful and actionable insights by recommending accurate price corrections and fluctuations across all markets and brands.

The AI-Powered Sales & Pricing Watch Tower to your Rescue

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