Real-time orchestration of end-to-end Supply Chain

Better Service Levels by providing actionable recommendations to Operations Planners when it matters

Competitive market environments and the constantly changing customer demands powered by the digital revolution are putting pressure on traditional supply chain operations. Through focus on improved operational effectiveness supply chains can have a huge impact on revenue growth and profits. Today’s enterprises therefore need the ability to have orchestrate end-to-end supply chain visibility and control.

BRIDGEi2i’s end-to-end Supply Chain Orchestration solution uses AI and ML to generate “Big Picture” insights for every node and edge of your supply chain in real-time.

Features & Benefits
Capture Real-Time Plan vs. Performance

Crunching the time to insight and action greatly enhances the chance of overcoming supply chain aberrations

Higher Service Levels

Deploying the E2E Orchestration Tower on top of existing ERP and Planning Systems has yielded at least 2% higher Service levels

Capture Short-Lived Patterns

Pick up on threats and opportunities that wont last long enough to be picked up in longer term performance trends

Lower Inventory

The E2E Orchestration solution releases unnecessary buffers and high inventory levels for SKU-Locations thereby meaningfully lowering overall inventory

Capture “Tribal Knowledge”

All recommended actions are tracked against actual actions taken by the Planners leading to a repository of profitable decision making

Higher Revenue Attainment

The more profitable micro-segments are automatically tuned to higher service levels thereby generating better cash flows for the supply chain

How does it work?

The solution segments your SKU-Location portfolio into a large number of micro-segments – each having homogeneous behavior in terms of service levels, volumes, demand volatility

Low Data Granularity

The E2E Orchestration Tower captures every Performance Metric from the entire Supplier-to-Consumer Supply Chain and determines anomalies in real-time compared to an algorithmically determined performance baseline for each micro-segment

Machine Learning

A Machine Learning Engine identifies the root cause for aberrations and simulates down-stream impact as it happens. New, unseen micro-patterns and anomalies are elevated to the right decision makers’ attention


The Orchestration Tower pushes the insight along with actions that an Ops Planner will find feasible to take

Artificial Intelligence

The AI Engine embedded within observes the impact of the Ops Planners’ actions over time and uses the result to get smarter with recommendations the next time around

The E2E Orchestration Tower has demonstrated a 170% Return-on-Inventory – more than any other initiative since Lean

Why partner with BRIDGEi2i?

Our obsession with “value to customer” and “time to value” has shaped our engagement philosophy and we partner with our clients to make the journey from Information to Insight to Impact easier, faster, and sustainable. We leverage our proven problem-solving frameworks, extensive domain expertise, data science capabilities and proprietary AI accelerators to help companies accelerate their transformation journeys and build digital enterprises of the future.