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Reimagining Marketing, Sales, and Revenue Management with AI

AI for Growth

Delivering sustained growth is one of the foremost priorities of C-suite leaders, and embedding Artificial Intelligence (AI) into core processes has a huge potential in unlocking opportunities to drive revenue growth.

In a recent survey, 54% of the transformation leaders who accounted for AI as the largest share of investment acknowledged that it helped them gain significant value, leading to higher productivity, improved brand recognition, and increased sales & market share.

Three functions that directly impact growth are – marketing, sales, and revenue management. AI-powered transformation of these functions can help accelerate growth by driving higher revenues and profits.

At BRIDGEi2i, we partner with enterprises to embed AI into core processes to deliver exponential growth by –

  • Delivering valuable insights to help businesses quickly and precisely identify their most valuable prospects.
  • Customizing the messaging and channel mix to improve sales and marketing effectiveness.
  • Monitoring changes in customer demand and marketplace dynamics and recommending the most competitive pricing options for every context.
AI for Growth

Accelerating Growth with AI-driven Transformation

Achieving Sales Excellence with Al


Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales cycle is a challenge that sales leaders constantly grapple with. The huge amount of data generated across multiple channels can further add to complexities in sales forecasting, managing sales pipelines, demand generation, etc., resulting in lower conversion rates.

Driving conversions with AI-driven sales processes

Al-led sales functions can optimize the lead generation and nurture processes to ensure higher conversions. It can help identify leads that are more likely to convert, offer data-driven insights to the sales team to effectively engage with prospects, and improve closure rates. Using AI for sales forecasting, demand generation, and optimizing sales pipelines can lead to higher sales and revenue growth.

Driving Marketing Transformation with AI


Marketing leaders are constantly striving to unlock higher ROI from various campaigns. Today, consumer behavior is constantly evolving and so are the platforms to connect and engage with them. When it comes to choosing the right media, marketers have the problem of plenty. In this context, understanding the customers, targeting the right personas and segments, allocating budgets and optimizing media spends to drive maximum value – all these are priorities for marketing leaders.

Accelerating growth with AI-led marketing strategy

AI-led marketing approaches can enable CMOs to make informed decisions and successfully align their strategy with the evolving customer behavior and newer platforms. From data-driven programmatic buying to personalized messaging and recommending budget allocation strategies, AI applications in marketing can drive business growth in multiple ways.

AI-led Revenue Management


In a recent survey, 85% of business leaders confessed that their revenue management and pricing decisions need substantial improvement, but in most cases enterprises are not equipped with the right tools and technologies to drive efficient revenue management and effective pricing strategies.

Driving profits and revenue growth with AI

AI-driven automated revenue management systems and pricing strategies can generate growth by deriving valuable insights from transactional data, identifying patterns in pricing & volume, performing marketing mix analysis, and delivering measurable results to drive growth.

Case studies

Driving campaign effectiveness

Deployed the AI-powered KPI watchtower solution for detailed analysis of marketing campaign effectiveness to build data-driven marketing strategies for improved awareness about products and services.

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Sales growth with AI-driven product

Developed AI-driven product recommendation solution to provide actionable insights to field agents and enable them to improve the cross-sell rates.

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Price optimization for driving revenue

Built a pricing optimization solution to get real-time customer insights for defining pricing strategy, increasing market share and driving revenue growth.

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