WEBCAST: Reimagining Digital Customer Experience | Decoding Digital CX with AI

Traditionally, enterprises have the distinction of looking at customers through the siloed lens of a single business function – whether it’s sales, marketing, or customer support. This has furthered the need to reimagine the entire customer journey by taking a holistic enterprise-wide and cross-functional approach to ensure seamless customer experience across different touchpoints. In this webcast, Paromita Mitra, Director – Digital Solutions covers everything under the ambit of reimagining the digital customer experience and AI’s role in ushering this transformation.

About the Webcast

The emergence of digital tech and the adoption of such new-age digital experiences such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, etc. have opened up unprecedented amounts of customer information, ensuring a data boom! These can be harnessed to understand customers and their preferences better and glean insights that will drive experience.

In truth, the ability to drive exceptional customer experience is the only real differentiator that will enable businesses to survive and claim a high share of their customers’ wallet.

Paromita breaks down digital customer experience into three crucial aspects: The relevance of real-time customer interactions, the ease of seamless and channel-less experiences, and the availability of digitally enabled self-service options.

When it comes to digital customer experience, there are three aspects:

  1. Realizing a brand’s promise in real-time to match the customer’s current context and personalize the communication and offerings in-tandem.
  2. Regardless of the customer touchpoints – whether online or offline, the messaging, treatment and service at stake needs to be consistent across devices.
  3. Resolving customer queries need to happen in real-time and with minimum repetition of the issues. Consumers should have self-service options and brands should also take care to provide proactive assistance if required

Enter AI; the catalyst that drives enterprises and helps us with a unified view across the entire customer journey cycle.

To know more about the role of AI in enabling Digital Customer Experience, watch the full webcast!

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About the Speaker

Speaker Paromita Mitra

Paromita Mitra, Director – Digital Solutions

Paromita leads Digital Solutions at Bridgei2i Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Before devoting her work fulltime to products and solutions, she led the Analytics Consulting practice at BRIDGEi2i for their Financial Services vertical and has about 15 years of experience in the same field. She straddles across design, build, commercialization and go to market for these AI-based assets. Paromita has a Master’s degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics.