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Reimagining Operations with AI, Analytics and Automation

80% of executives today accept that they can’t realize their growth objectives without Artificial Intelligence (AI). Deploying AI to improve an enterprise’s operations provides endless possibilities of unlocking efficiencies and increasing productivity.

How do you do it? Through Intelligent Operations – by redesigning processes with a digital focus and blending superior AI techniques with process automation, analytics and personalized, end-user deployment.

Intelligent Operations takes a 360-degree view of the organizational processes through data augmentation and real-time information synthesis to generate actionable insights. Applying AI-ML algorithms on the resultant data results in increased process efficiency and cost reductions through process optimization, improved cross-functional visibility, and informed decision-making.

Research reveals that over 40% of leaders saw costs decrease by at least 10% after deploying AI solutions.

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BRIDGEi2i leverages its proven industry and functional consulting expertise, proprietary AI accelerators and advanced analytics capabilities to help organizations realize their Intelligent Operations potential. We partner with enterprises to help transform their operations globally by helping them level up on their digital maturity to accelerate growth. We shape enterprise processes with a digital & AI lens to achieve stellar process effectiveness, efficiency, and experience.

Digital Process Redesign


Traditional organizations are concerned with disruption and competitive threats, especially from new digital-savvy entrants. There is an acute need to redesign current processes to thrive.

AI-powered Intelligent Operations

Reimagine business processes with a data-centric, AI ML-based approach that leverages large amounts of available unstructured data.

Intelligent Systems


The absence of cross-functional integrated systems with simulation capabilities makes holistic planning and execution a manual, time-consuming and effort-intensive exercise.

AI-powered Intelligent Operations

Monitor operations in real time to track performance and predict failure through simulations, integrations across workflows and intelligent alerting.

Process Optimization and Improvement


RPA investments often present a task-based view for automation. This leads to siloed implementation, with less than expected ROI and limited scalability.

AI-powered Intelligent Operations

Optimize and improve processes considering cross-functional interactions that lead to overall improved ROI and better scalability across the organization.

Improved Workforce Productivity


Companies often face an issue of limited cross-functional visibility, leading to delayed and isolated decision making.

AI-powered Intelligent Operations

Real-time alerts through digital assistants can equip the workforce with actionable insights and enable interactive and proactive decision-making.

Operations 360


Most businesses don’t have complete access to all unstructured information across their current processes, making it difficult to augment existing data. This information is usually outside the ambit of any quality monitoring and governance mechanism.

AI-powered Intelligent Operations 

By creating augmented data repositories with real-time streaming signal synthesis to complement existing transactional systems enables organizations to adhere to SOPs, identify non-compliance, and respond to exceptions.

Case studies

Automated Compliance Planning

BRIDGEi2i leveraged AI technologies to automate compliance checks for plan reviews done by a leading engineering and consulting firm, thereby reducing manual effort.

This to financial benefits for the client without increasing the workforce.

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Reimagining Catastrophe Underwriting

BRIDGEi2i reimagined the entire catastrophe risk modeling and underwriting process for a Fortune 500 commercial insurer by using AI accelerators, RPA, and deep learning models.

Our solution reduced the turnaround time from minutes to seconds and significantly increased the throughput.

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AI-enabled Demand Planning

BRIDGEi2i deployed the proprietary AI-accelerator – Optimizer™ to augment a CPG client’s legacy planning systems with advanced ML-based demand forecasting and channel inventory setting algorithms.

Our solution was instrumental in breaking barriers between planning and inventory management in supply chains for different SKUs and locations.

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End-to-End Underwriting Automation

BRIDGEi2i helped a Fortune 500 commercial insurer build an AI solution to extract data and summarize key underwriting parameters from a diverse set of unstructured documents.

This streamlined the entire process and reduced the client’s underwriting processing time.

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End-to-End Supply Chain Orchestration

BRIDGEi2i helped a leading CPG firm with an End-to-End Control and Orchestration Watchtower™ to discover causality among KPIs and to harmonize disparate data systems.

This solution helped overcome short-term disturbances in the supply chain and thereby improved the Service Levels by 3%

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BRIDGEi2i receives Honourable mention in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data & Analytics Services

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