Reimagining Possibilities & Demystifying Exponential Technologies: A Panel Discussion

Bangalore, 14th March 2019

BRIDGEi2i played host to an engaging panel discussion with the authors of the Wiley Innovation Black Book on Exponential Technologies. Moderating the discussion was Prithvijit Roy, CEO of BRIDGEi2i and the panelists were: Anees Merchant, Divesh Singla, Sameer Dhanrajani, Saraswathi Ramachandra and Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi, each a pioneer in their respective analytics domain. The Wiley Advisory Council brings together experts in different fields and presents an amalgamation of thought leadership that can inspire AI enthusiasts to no end.

What started off on a light note took an interesting turn as the panelists discussed how AI is enriching different industries to remain digitally relevant. Whether it’s about the adoption of analytics and AI in life sciences, or the hospitality sector’s transformation to highlight experiences instead of just services, these changes are an indication of the ecosystem growth as a whole.  While most of the discussion remained focused on enterprises, it was enlightening to know the potential of AI in everyday applications, and its staggering growth chart in the future.

The discussion also touched upon the biases that enter ML-oriented tech such as Computer Vision and how it could be detrimental in some instances. The event also saw conversations around the moral obligations of AI to keep data secure and unbiased. The discussion culminated with the overarching sentiment of AI being the underpinning of new age exponential technology and the guests then released the Wiley Innovation Blackbook to much applause from the audience.

Prithvijit Roy Writes for Wiley Innovation Black Book on Exponential Technologies

Prithvijit Roy authored a section on ‘Staying Relevant in Changing Times: AI to the Forefront of the CPG Storefront,’ in the Wiley Innovation Blackbook, which was originally launched at the Wiley Global Innovation Conclave.

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