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Enterprises across domains are accelerating digital transformation by integrating technologies like AI, IoT, Cloud, and more into all areas of a business to gain strategic and competitive advantage. In this fast-paced digital environment, along with the business, the risk landscape is also evolving. Owing to factors like supply-chain disruptions, the impact of cyberattacks, challenges of virtual working, unstable market demand, etc. enterprises’ risk factors have become multi-faceted.

According to the recent 2021 Global Risk Management Study from Accenture the Risk Landscape is increasingly becoming complex, volatile, and dynamic. Additionally, regulations are getting tougher, budgets are becoming tighter and the price of compliance is rising.

“77% of risk leaders believe that complex, interconnected new risks are emerging at a more rapid pace than ever before, and 87% of compliance leaders expect investment in compliance to increase in the coming years.”

AI for Risk

To survive and thrive in these times, traditional approaches to risk and compliance no longer work. Now, risk and compliance leaders must proactively identify and manage risk across all business processes.

Both risk management and compliance are information-intensive activities that require collecting, recording, and processing a significant amount of data. AI can augment risk management and compliance processes to ensure effective and timely identification of risk, thus allowing CROs and compliance leaders to make more informed decisions.

At BRIDGEi2i, we leverage our proprietary AI-enabled Risk Management frameworks to help enterprises reimagine Risk and Compliance with an AI-driven approach to enhance business predictability, improve compliance & build resilience.

AI-driven Transformation of Risk & Compliance

AI for Risk Management


Enterprises face multiple risks – financial risks, operational risks, market risks, strategic risks, etc. Therefore, to stay competitive, avoid financial losses, and become future-ready, it is critical to assess risks accurately and prevent them.

AI-driven Effective Risk Management

AI-enabled loss forecasting can predict, reserve, and estimate future losses in different scenarios. BRIDGEi2i’s Risk Watchtower™ (AI-powered Business Surveillance solution) can help in identifying high-risk areas in different customer and regional segments, identify the root cause and categorize root causes based on severity and impact, thereby enabling enterprises to formulate effective strategies.

AI for Intelligent Fraud and Forensics


Fraud prevention is one of the most critical aspects of an effective risk management strategy. To prevent fraud, implementing robust security measures and ensuring that adequate internal controls are in place is crucial.

AI-Enabled Fraud Prevention

AI-enabled fraud detection can leverage data across systems to identify and thus prevent various form factors of fraud and make investigations more efficient. BRIDGEi2i’s Watchtower™ (AI-powered Business Surveillance solution) can implement an Early Warning Fraud Alert system for real-time detection of suspicious and fraudulent transactions and the recommendation of mitigative action.

AI for Finance & Compliance


Most industries are governed by regulatory bodies but in sectors such as finance, multiple regulators control different aspects of the industry. With evolving technologies affecting government, business, and economic factors, the regulatory requirements are changing every day. Maintaining regulatory compliance with legacy processes can be complex and an effort-intensive exercise.

AI-enabled Governance and Compliance

AI can help in processing large volumes of regulatory data quickly and accurately. It can ensure a better understanding of regulatory developments and quickly take the necessary actions to ensure compliance. BRIDGEi2i’s proprietary interactive model governance, monitoring, and reporting tool can help businesses with effective governance workflow, model inventory, model monitoring, and regulatory compliance.

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